• Sun. Jun 16th, 2024


The Assam Rifles National Integration Tour Team, under the aegis of IGAR(S), has successfully concluded its enlightening tour from Manipur to Delhi and Dehradun. The tour culminated at the Rangapahar Military Station, Headquarters 3 Corps, Dimapur on 23rd February 2024.

Throughout their journey, the team visited esteemed institutions, engaging in enriching experiences and fostering bonds of unity and understanding. Their itinerary included visits to renowned establishments in Delhi and Dehradun, where they were exposed to diverse cultural, educational, and developmental initiatives.

Upon their return to Rangapahar Military Station, the team had the honor of engaging in a constructive interaction with the Chief of Staff (COS), Headquarters 3 Corps, Dimapur. This interaction served as a platform to share insights, experiences, and ideas aimed at furthering the objectives of national integration and harmony.

The COS, HQ 3 Corps, Dimapur, commended the Assam Rifles team for their dedication and commitment to fostering goodwill and unity across regions. The discussion centered on collaborative strategies to enhance socio-economic development and empower local communities.

The Assam Rifles National Integration Tour Team expressed gratitude for the invaluable experiences gained during the tour and the warm reception received at HQ 3 Corps, Dimapur. They reaffirmed their unwavering resolve to continue contributing towards building a cohesive society and fostering peace and prosperity in the region.

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