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Feb 28, 2024 #BSF

BSF, South Bengal Frontier Organized the Bharat Darshan Program for Kashmiri students from remote areas of Kashmir valley. A group of 15 students from the picturesque Kashmir Valley embarked on a transformative journey as part of the Bharat Darshan program, immersing themselves in the rich cultural tapestry and historical heritage of Kolkata. The six-day excursion provided the students, comprising 10 boys and 5 girls, with an opportunity for cultural exchange and educational enrichment.

The itinerary was meticulously crafted to offer the students a diverse range of experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of India’s cultural mosaic and historical significance. The visit commenced with an insightful interaction at the Frontier Headquarters, South Bengal, Rajarhat campus, where the students had the privilege of engaging with Sh. Ayush Mani Tiwari, IPS, IG, South Bengal Frontier, gaining valuable information about the South Bengal Border and its peculiarities.

Subsequently, the students explored the historical sites of Kolkata, delving into the city’s vibrant past and cultural heritage. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, the excursion provided a comprehensive overview of Kolkata’s rich history and tradition.

A highlight of the trip was the visit to Digha Beach, where the students reveled in the beauty of nature and experienced moments of tranquility amidst the azure coastline.

The itinerary also included a visit to the Indo-Bangladesh border at ICP Petrapole, where the students witnessed the Beating the Retreat ceremony between the Border Security Force (BSF) and the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB). The synchronized parade of jawans left the students awestruck, instilling a sense of pride in the nation’s Defense Forces. Additionally, the students explored the Alipur Zoo and a mesmerizing journey through the Indian Museum, delving into the country’s rich cultural and scientific heritage.

The culmination of the trip took the students to the Sundarbans, India’s most populous and challenging border region, where they gained insights into the functioning of floating Border Outposts (BOPs), witnessing firsthand the complexities of border security operations.

A.K. Arya, Spokesperson of South Bengal Frontier said that the Bharat Darshan program in Kolkata proved to be a transformative experience for the Kashmiri students, fostering cultural understanding, educational enrichment, and a deep appreciation for the diversity and unity of India.

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