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The Indian Navy has launched a massive search operation with ships and aircraft to trace Sailor Sahil Verma.

The seaman from the Indian Navy has gone missing from a naval vessel since February 27, prompting the launch of a large-scale search operation to locate him.

The Mumbai-headquartered Western Naval Command said earlier that the sailor has been identified as Sahil Verma and that a high-level board of inquiry has been ordered into the “unfortunate incident”.

“In an unfortunate incident, Sahil Verma, Seaman II, has been reported missing at sea from an Indian Naval Ship whilst on deployment since 27 February 2024.

The Navy immediately launched a massive search operation with ships and aircraft, which is still continuing,”it posted on X.  “Naval Board of Inquiry has been ordered for detailed investigations,”  it added.

Mr Subhas Chander , Sahil’s father expressed astonishment that a soldier could vanish from a naval ship without a trace. “It is astonishing that a soldier went missing from his naval ship and is not traceable. I have been told that the CCTV cameras installed on the ship did not find anyone falling into the sea. Then where is my son?” Mr Chander was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

“We got a call on February 29 informing that our son went missing on board the ship two days before that … we last talked to him on Sunday (February 25) and nothing is known about what happened to him.” – He added with a heavy heart.

Sahil Verma’s mother, meanwhile, claimed something is being concealed about her son’s disappearance. “There were 400 people on board the ship and only my son went missing,” she said.

“My prayers and demands are only that my son returns safe and sound,” Rama Kumari added.

Sahil Verma’s maternal uncle, Gautam, said his nephew’s disappearance is a perfect case for a CBI probe as “we have heard that the ship returned to base for a day before leaving again”.

“How is it possible that he went missing from the ship?” Gautam asked.

They want justice and know the whereabouts of his son.

As the search operation continues, the Navy has assured that updates will be provided as the investigation progresses. The incident has raised concerns within the naval community and among the public, highlighting the risks and challenges faced by naval personnel.

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