• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024


On 15 March 2024, an imposter with particulars Army No IC 78040 N Major MS Chauhan, Unit 5 GR (FF) tried to enter through East Gate at approx 1310 Hours. He came to Fort William in a BMW car driven by a chauffeur. At the gate on duty Military Police, when asked individual to prove his identity, he showed his I card on his mobile and when she asked him to enter his particulars in officers in/out register, the individual kept referring to his mobile phone while making entry.Suspecting him to be a dubious character, the MP immediately informed unit control room NCO who apprised the CO. A flying squad escorted the imposter to the MPCR.

At unit after questioning it was learnt that individual’s original name is Mr Borada Sudheer R/O Vishakhapatnam (Mobile No- 7660017600). He was sent to juvenile home in Orissa in September 2023 under IPC section 420 and was released in February 2024. On 13 Feburary he stayed at Hotel Pride in Cuttack where he duped the hotel of Rs 6393 , took a taxi from hotel and absconded. He reached Howrah Railway station travelling ticketless on 14 March 2024 and took a cab to the airport , enroute called the hotel to send a cab and stayed at Hotel JW Marriot. He hired a BMW cab from hotel and informed cab driver that he is an army officer and empanelled with President Body Guard. Trusting him, cab driver asked him to get his daughter enrol under defence quota in Jadhavpur university. He took both of them to university from where they were directly to approach Fort William for defence quota. When individual tried to enter Fort William, he was caught.

Individual was found to be a habitual offender for forgery and cheating where he made false digtal transaction at various luxury hotels, shops etc. His modus operandi was making payments through BHIM app, and after initial confirmation he used to edit same leading to a failed transaction. He was handed over to Maidan police Station on 15 March 2024 at approx 2030 hours.
JW Marriott hotel manager searched his room and no personal belongings or documents were found in his possession. The hotel admission both at Cuttack and Kolkata were made using identity of Constable Sunil Kumar of Hyderabad State Police.

The individual claims to be 24 years old enrolled in B Tech but is probably a Juvenile since he was lodged in a Juvenile jail from September 2023 to February 2024.

(Source: The spokesman of the Ministry of Defence for eastern region, Wing Commander Himanshu Tiwari )

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