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N. F. Railway continuing pace of growth in its freight loading

ByNE India Broadcast

Mar 22, 2024 #NFR

Northeast Frontier Railway has been constantly progressing in freight loading and has loaded 0.832 million tonnes (MT) during the month of February 2024. During the current financial year from April 2023 to February 2024, the total count of freight loading increased to 9.183 million tonnes.

During the month of February 2024, P.O.L loading has registered a progress by a good margin with few other miscellaneous commodities. During this period, loading of P.O.L items increased by 28%. Loading of fertilizer also registered an increased by 5.3% and cement by 3.2%.

During the current financial year upto February 2024, container loading increased by 8.9%, loading of food grains items increased by 22.3% and loading of ballast also registered an increased by 18% as compared to the corresponding period of last financial year.

N. F. Railway is working dedicatedly round the clock to serve its customer and ensure essential commodities reach end users in time. The increase in freight loading year after year signifies the economic activities of the region.

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