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Promoting Harmony: The Sadbhavana Project

In the pursuit of fostering communal harmony and societal cohesion, the Indian Army, under Operation Sadbhavana, has embarked on a transformative journey, leveraging infrastructure development as a catalyst for positive change.

The Spear Corps of the Indian Army endeavours to sow the seeds of progress and prosperity, covering various districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Spear Corps has executed a total of 49 projects in the past 12 months, worth over Rs 10 Crore, in the districts of Siang, Subansiri, Siyom, and Shi Yomi. These projects, executed in various locations including Vibrant Villages, are based on the ‘Felt Need’ of the population and are focused on addressing the challenges they face on a daily basis.

In the Upper Siang district, the population is extremely thankful to the Indian Army for building a Community Hall in Jidu and Gome villages. The provision of a community hall has enabled a place for gathering and discussing important issues for the villages. Construction of huts in remote locations for graziers has provided comfort in areas prone to frequent rains. Additionally, the construction of a Recreation Centre in Kunging village, repair of the primary school at Bishing, provision of a children’s park with an open gym, construction of toilets, upgrading of the football ground, refurbishing of the Aanganwadi school, and provision of a medical ambulance with a ventilator system at Tuting have alleviated the hardships of the population. Operation Sadbhavna has also aided in repairing foot suspension bridges to maintain connectivity to far-flung areas.


In the Subansiri district, the assets created under Operation Sadbhavna have aided the population in easing their daily routines and providing sports facilities. The projects include the construction/upgradation of a community hall, convention centre facility, and rest house at Gelemo, Maja, and Redi. Construction of transit facilities at Singruk, Dadine Cave, Jitan Cave, Lower Balija & Higher Balija, and a covered gymnasium with sports facilities for indoor Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton & Yoga at Taksing have addressed the requirements of the population. The renovation of the Primary Health Centre at Taksing has enhanced much-needed relief in addressing issues during medical emergencies.

In the Siyom district, the Indian Army organized a National Integration Tour for 15 boys and 15 girls to Delhi and Agra. From the serene valleys of Arunachal Pradesh to the bustling streets of Delhi and the majestic Taj Mahal in Agra, the tour was an unforgettable journey of discovery and learning for the children, who immersed themselves in the rich culture and history of India.

The students had an opportunity to interact with the Minister of Health & Sciences, Mr. Kiren Rijiju, and other senior dignitaries in Delhi. They also visited places of national importance like the National War Memorial, India Gate, Red Fort. In the Siyom district, the population thanked the Indian Army for providing an outdoor gymnasium at Dego, Manigong, and various other assets, including the repair of suspension bridges and transit facilities in forward areas.

In the Shi Yomi district, a National Integration Tour for school children in Menchuka was organized to Delhi, where they visited Rashtrapati Bhavan among other places. An impetus to educational institutions was provided by the construction of a hostel, classroom, and renovation. Projects for the repair of foot suspension bridges and fitness centres were also provided under Operation Sadbhavna.

Construction of all projects started in November 2023 and has been completed. The projects will be handed over to civil administration for use by the local population. This will enhance the living standards of the local populace and provide due impetus to the Vibrant Village Programme of the Government.

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