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“We believe that NIT initiative will help us to unite the people as one.”…Feel Nagaland students

National integration is aimed at creating a strong society. We can help our students in many ways,but which Indian Army is doing to encourage and motivate the young minds is really commendable.

To create brotherhood and oneness , Army’s initiative is far ahead of others.

We are publishing a series based on National Integration Tour organised by Assam Rifles at the behest of Indian Army.

From Piphema of Nagaland, 18 students and 2 teachers of Modern College visited Delhi and Ahmedabad as part of this NIT.

Let’s talk today to Lunglei Rokam and L Angam Konyak, students of Modern College, Piphema.

Lunglei was part of this Ahmedabad tour.

“I am forever grateful to the Assam Rifles and Indian Army to give us this great opportunity. I never thought I would go out of Nagaland *(atleast not free of cost and this much vip treatment)* and I got to experience those different way of living, as it was totally different from us. From their food to way of living was totally different.”

It’s really a beneficial platform where students got to explore many important places in India which enables them to learn through sight.
L Angam Konyak’s view is some what different-

“I feel really privileged to be a part of this NIT tour as it has installed many valuable knowledge in me and it broadens up my concept about the world”.

Tank ride was a thrilling experience according to Nagaland boy- Lunglei.

“We met GOC and other officials of Golden Katar Division and went on a tank ride which is by far the coolest part of the tour. I never knew tanks could go that fast. After visiting the National War Memorial, I understood what sacrifice our army personnel made for the country.
The respect and tribute they receive even after their martyrdom was awe inspiring”.

L.Angam Konyak also subscribes to the same view.
“Talking about the tank ride, it made us feel so proud of our country and made us imagine the scenario of our brave soldiers going to a battlefield to fight for our motherland”.

The National Integration Tour has boosted and developed them to be broader minded persons in life. It has given them the most amazing experience as well as learning, more than they had ever imagined.

“This venture was quite beneficial for us as it provided us with the opportunity to experience different cultures, traditions, and ways of life, fostering greater understanding and unity among people from various regions of India. Additionally, it’s likely to help promoting camaraderie and a sense of national pride among us.The personnel of Assam Rifles who went with us took good care of us and made sure that we were comfortable and safe.”

Asked how was their experience in Ahmedabad, Lunglei said-

“We went to visit the Akshardham temple which was my first time entering in a temple and it was a great experience. Then later around 7:30 there was a light and water show at the temple which was unexpectedly breathtaking. Visiting Sardar Sarovar Dam which reflects the dream of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was just amazing.More so, I was surprised and mesmerised after visiting the tallest Statue of the world- Statue of Unity.”

The visit to the Sabarmati Ashram was a great experience for the Nagaland girl- Angam.

“The ashram is located in a tranquil location on the river bank of Sabarmati. The people at the ashram still preserve Gandhi’s philosophy of education; and crafts centered round education. The children in the ashram were engaged in crafts with innovative ideas and produced amazing handmade cards, notepads, paper bags and so many other handicrafts. It serves as the center of learning and teaching.”

On being asked about the impact of OP Sadbhavna amongst the students of North East,Lunglei Rokam narrated–

“I personally think Sadbhavna project has the potential to positively impact the youth of Nagaland and students across the entire North East, fostering unity and strengthening India as a whole by promoting harmony and understanding among diverse communities. However, it’s success will depend on various factors, including effective implementation, community engagement, and sustained support from all. And I believe it was a great way experiencing all our different cultures in India”.

“I feel this sadbhavna project will obviously help the students of Nagaland as well as students from the entire North East based on my NIT experience.I hope and believe that this initiative will help us to unite the people as one.”- L Angam Konyak

(With Inputs from Army Authorities)

(Author is a Senior Journalist working for British Media with 20 years of experience in covering the east and northeast, with specialisation in Defence and Sports.In her illustrated career she has covered many major events and achieved International and National media awards for Journalism)

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