• Mon. May 27th, 2024

Book fair in Guwahati concludes; here you pay for the box and not for the books!

The 4-day Story Box Book Fair at Guwahati’s Khanapara concluded yesterday. The organizers informed that the book fair saw the participation of book lovers across age groups with an overall footfall of 7000+ people across age groups.

“Pay for the box and not for the books” is the tagine of the fair. Book lovers can take up a box – the smaller and the larger one costs ₹ 1500 and ₹ 2500 respectively. The quantity of books hold no bar.

“We have received immense support in the last four days. We plan to organize another book fair soon in Guwahati”, organizers told NE India Broadcast yesterday.

“The response was so good that we had to order an entire truck of books additionally from our warehouse.”, they added, saying that it was their first time in Guwahati.

Meanwhile, the book fair was held at the Durga Mandir Premises, opposite to Hotel Vivanta by Taj, Farm Gate, Khanapara.

One thought on “Book fair in Guwahati concludes; here you pay for the box and not for the books!”
  1. The conclusion of the book fair in Guwahati brings an innovative twist where patrons pay for the box rather than individual books, revolutionizing the traditional book-buying experience. This unique approach fosters a sense of exploration and discovery, encouraging readers to indulge in a diverse selection of literary treasures while supporting the event’s success.

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