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A group of 47 cadets and two teachers, including 10 girls, participated in a week-long National Integration Tour of North Eastern Region from 3rd April to 10th April 2024. The tour was planned organized and executed by the Assam Rifles and aimed to provide these cadets with a deeper understanding of the North Eastern states.

The cadets visited the Directorate General Assam Rifles Headquarters at Laitkor, where they engaged in interactive sessions with Lieutenant General PC Nair, the Director General of Assam Rifles an alumnus of the same school.

The highlight of their visit was a surprise reception at Assam Rifles House, where the Assam Rifles Jazz Band performed the school song ‘Hum Bharat Ke Chand Sitare’ for the cadets, leaving them pleasantly enthralled. The interaction with Director General of Assam Rifles an alumnus of the school added a personal touch to their experience and instilled a sense of pride and connection.

In addition to Laitkor the cadets also visited the War Memorial and the Museum of Assam Rifles. Further they attended a cultural programme at Rai auditorium of Assam Rifles where they watched the performance by Artists from various states showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region.


The cadets thereafter visited other prominent locations of Meghalaya to include Shillong Peak and Cherrapunji.

From Shillong the cadets proceeded to Dimapur. They visited the Assam Rifles Training Centre & School and saw the training facilities and activities of the recruits in the Centre. Cadets of the school also visited Sainik School Pungalwa in Nagaland. The cadets were thrilled to meet their peers in Sainik School Pungalwa during their familarisation visit.

From Dimapur they moved to 7 Assam Rifles located at Ghaspani where they interacted with the officers and men and also witnessed a cultural programme. Incidentally, the Director General has been a Company Commander in 7 Assam Rifles. They further moved to Inspectorate General Assam Rifles (North) and witnessed a lecture & demonstration showcasing the epic battle of Kohima. They also visited the Kohima War Cemetery and witnessed the weapons & Pipe band display. The cadets interacted with Major General Manish Kumar, Inspector General (North).

Cadet Om Deelip Mane while expressing his views said that I feel really privileged to be part of the National Integration tour as it has broadened my horizon as well as knowledge about North Eastern states.

Cadet Yadnya Totawar profusely thanked Assam Rifles for the memorable experience and expressed that such tours promote understanding of different cultures and are effective in community engagement.

The underlying goal of National Integration Tour being conducted regularly by Assam Rifles is to create a cohesive society that nurtures responsible citizens and embraces the diversity of India. By exposing students to different cultures, traditions, and ways of life, these tours serve as a bridge to connect people from various backgrounds, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

The cadets expressed their gratitude to the Assam Rifles for organizing the unforgettable tour which not only enhanced their knowledge but also left a lasting impact on their hearts. The memories of the tour will serve as a reminder of the importance of unity in diversity and the beauty of being part of a nation that celebrates its rich tapestry of cultures.

National Integration Tours like this serve as a catalyst for promoting harmony, inclusivity, and a shared sense of belonging among the citizens of India. Through such initiatives, we pave the way for a brighter future built on the foundation of unity in diversity.























































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