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The Indian Army is globally recognized for its unwavering dedication, remarkable valor, and undying commitment to safeguarding the motherland. These soldiers, clad in their distinguished uniforms, are beacons of inspiration for countless individuals across the nation.

Army’s one such never ending effort to build oneness amongst the North Eastern people for National Integration Tour.
To spread awareness and to organise a platform for outreaching to locals, 7 Assam Rifles at the behest of Indian Army organised National Integration Tour for the students of Nagaland and as a part of this initiative, 18 students of Modern College, Piphema visited the western part of India from Dimapur.

Today, I will share Rakuyio Kadete and Urmipem Mokung ‘s story with our readers.

Rakuyio Kadete,a boy from Mao community feels this journey had not only broadened their horizons but also strengthened their beliefs in the power of unity.

“My trip to Western India was absolutely incredible. I had the opportunity to explore so many beautiful places and immerse myself in the vibrant culture of the region.

It was truly a memorable experience that I will cherish forever. It was a journey that left a lasting impact and reinforced the values of unity and harmony.”

Urmipem Mokung’s reaction is also similar.

“I sincerely appreciate Indian Army and Assam Rifles’ initiation.There was not even a moment where I felt unsafe. I am truly grateful to the Army and Assam rifles for their service and duty towards this end.Their concern for the students was to explore and make them learn truly and also encourage and motivate us.”

According to Rakuyio, OP Sadbhavna has a great potential.
“This project can help to foster a stronger and more united India. It provides opportunities for the youth to come together, exchange ideas, and build bridges of friendship and co-operation. Through initiatives like NIT, we can work towards a brighter future and a stronger nation. Together, we can make a difference.”

OP Sadbhavna has a great impact amongst the students of North East.- the Nagaland girl, Urmipem added.

“I think that this Sadbhavna project will help the youth of Nagaland as well as the students of the entire North East make United India more strong.”

How was their Journey and which place of Ahmedabad attracted them the most,I asked.

“Sabarmati Ashram is a serene place with nostalgic memories of India’s freedom struggle and the life of Mahatma Gandhi”. – Urmipem added with glittering eyes.

“I was spellbound by the beauty of every places in Ahemdabad, specially Sabarmati Ashram”.

“The museum of the ashram taught us much about Indian culture, modern thoughts such as swachhata, creation of the nation, wealth and power, good health, ethics, etc”.

Visiting Vintage car Museum Akshardham Temple was a lifetime experience for the Nagaland boy- Rakuyio.

“We visited the Auto World Vintage Car Museum and Akshardham Temple which was really an amazing experience and was worth visiting.Watching ICC World Cup match at Narendra Modi Stadium was another thrilling experience for us.”

“Interaction with the Senior Officers at Golden Katar Division of Indian Army was also a lifetime memory.-Rakuyio Kadete said.

More so, they got to learn that Gandhi initiated weaving of Khadi at Udyog Mandir at the Sabarmati Ashram in 1918.


(With Inputs from Army Authorities)

(Author is a Senior Journalist working for British Media with 20 years of experience in covering the east and northeast, with specialisation in Defence and Sports.In her illustrated career she has covered many major events and achieved International and National media awards for Journalism)

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