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To build oneness amongst the people of North East ,keeping safe and well being of the countrymen, Indian Army’s contribution is miles ahead from others. Army’s one such exemplary initiative is National Integration Tour.



NIT always motivates students about keeping unity, peace, love, and brotherhood amongst the communities.

Students of Nagaland’s Modern College were lucky enough to be a part of this NIT.

Their visits to various historically and nationally significant sites such as the War Memorial and India Gate definitely evoked strong feelings of nationalism. Additionally, a visit to Smart city like Ahmedabad provided them with a glimpse of the country’s development and mordanization.

In today’s story I will share some cozy talks with Visino Chüsi, a young girl of Modern College.

“There is nothing but fascination and admiration to describe my experience of participating in the National Integration Tour (NIT) organized by the Assam Rifles.
Spanning from the first day visit to the national capital during our short stop to the final day stroll at the iconic science city evoked a sense of pride and patriotism in me. Also, there is so much more knowledge that I’ve acquired for which I’m grateful “- Visino Chüsi told.

It’s a fantastic initiative by Army and Assam Rifles..feels Visino.

“It’s really important for different regions to come together and strengthen the sense of unity in our country. The Indian Army and Assam Rifles are doing a great job in promoting national integration. It was an amazing experience”.


According to Visino, visiting India’s National Capital was really inspiring and motivating.

“On reaching Delhi we visited India Gate, Red Fort and National War Memorial which commemorates the sacrifices of the Indian soldiers who fought in different armed conflicts of independent India. The awe-inspiring sight of the Red Fort was another unforgettable spectacle. The historic India Gate which is also regarded as a heritage of India made me recall the altruistic act of the soldiers”.

Meeting with GOC at Ahmedabad Cantonment also encouraged her a lot.

“It was a golden opportunity to meet the GOC and his men of the golden Katar division. It was a very inspiring interaction with them. In addition, the tank ride was really a fun and informative experience. The tank was a T-72 series that was bought from Russia as a battle tank. We stopped at the Sabarmati Ashram after the tank ride, where we got to tour around Gandhi’s residence.”

Visit to Science city, Ahmedabad developed her knowledge and skill about marine life, she said.

“The stroll at the science city on the last day at Ahmedabad was an opportunity that enriched my knowledge about marine life, robotics and the planet earth. I’ve learned a great deal of the different types of aquatic species and how robots operate in Industries, space and hospitals.”

The inside of the statue of Unity gives a glimpse of the history of India. This Sociology student Visino thought in a similar way.

“The ride to visit the Statue of Unity was long but worth the trip. I learned the significance of the statue which was constructed on the Narmada river island Sadhu bet, facing the Sardar Sarovar dam downstream. The statue was built in honor of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the iron man of India”.

Visit to Atal bridge was simply awesome.The Nagaland girl shared this with a happy heart.

“Atal Pedestrian bridge which connects the last and Western part of the sabarmati riverfront was simply breathtaking.”

According to Visino OP Sadbhavna has a great impact amongst the people of Nagaland.

“The Sadbhavna project has the potential to greatly benefit the youth of Nagaland and the entire North East region. It aims at promoting harmony, understanding, and development amongst different communities. By fostering inclusivity and providing opportunities for growth, it can empower the youth to make all-out efforts for the comprehensive development of the region. It’s an encouraging step towards a brighter future”.

Watching a live ICC World Cup match at Motera Stadium too was a lifetime memory for her.

“Watching the ICC men’s world cup between England and New Zealand at the world’s largest cricket stadium (Narendra Modi cricket stadium) was also exhilarating. The atmosphere of the stadium was alive with fans chanting all throughout the match, loud music and cheers.”

We are truly grateful to Indian Army and Assam Rifles”..Visino Chüsi proudly shared her thoughts.

“The constant vigilance of the Army and Assam Rifles in the North East is crucial in ensuring safety and security of all of us. Their dedication and commitment to protecting the region is commendable. It gives us a sense of reassurance knowing that they are working tirelessly to keep us safe. We are truly grateful for their service.”

“In retrospect, the tour was not just a travel experience but a journey of learning, embracing new culture and stepping out of my comfort zone. I feel really privileged and honored to be a part of this tour. Forever grateful to the Assam rifles for the opportunity”.. she added.

(With Inputs from Army Authorities)

(Author is a Senior Journalist working for British Media with 20 years of experience in covering the east and northeast, with specialisation in Defence and Sports.In her illustrated career she has covered many major events and achieved International and National media awards for Journalism)

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