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N. F. Railway to operate few more summer special trains

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Apr 25, 2024 #N.F.R

N.F. Railway has been decided to operate few more summer special trains to meet the rising demand of passengers during summer rush. Operation of these special trains will serve as an alternate scope for the waiting listed passengers of other trains in these routes.

Northeast Frontier Railway is ensuring that free drinking water is available across all the stations to keep the passengers hydrated during their journey in this scorching summer.

Accordingly, train no. 06569 (SMVT Bengaluru – Guwahati) Special will depart from SMVT Bengaluru at 00:30 hours on every Sunday from 28th of April till 19th of May, 2024 to reach Guwahati at 05:30 hours on Tuesday.

In return direction, train no. 06570 (Guwahati – SMVT Bengaluru) Special will depart from Guwahati at 06:00 hours on every Wednesday from 01st till 22nd of May,2024 to reach SMVT Bengaluru at 10:00 hours on Friday.

Another, train no. 09101 (Vadodara – Katihar) Special departed from Vadodara at 23:30 hours on 24th of April, 2024 (Wednesday) and will reach Katihar at 16:30 hours on Friday. In return direction, train no. 09102 (Katihar – Vadodara) Special will depart from Katihar at 15:00 hours on 27th of April (Saturday) to reach Vadodara at 07:30 hours on Monday.

Train no. 04010 (Anand Vihar Terminal – Jogbani) Special will depart from Anand Vihar Terminal at 23:45 hours on every Tuesday from 30th April till 25th June, 2024 to reach Jogbani at 05:20 hours on Thursday. In return direction, train no. 04009 (Jogbani – Anand Vihar Terminal) Special will depart from Jogbani at 09:00 hours on every Thursday from 02nd May till 27th June, 2024 to reach Anand Vihar Terminal at 16:05 hours on Friday.

The details of stoppages and timings of these train are available at IRCTC website and are also being notified in various newspapers and social media platforms of N. F. Railway. Passengers are requested to verify the details before undertaking their journey.

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