• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Nyukmadung is poised to establish a dedicated Cultural & Heritage Museum

A collaborative effort between the 16th Madras Regiment of Nyukmadung, the 46th Infantry Brigade from Sela, the Indian Institute of Heritage, and the District Administration, Bomdila culminated in a coordination meeting at Munch Point, Sapper Camp, Dirang.

Colonel Asish Tondon articulated the museum’s objective: to preserve and promote the region’s cultural heritage, traditions, religion, and biodiversity. Emphasizing the pivotal role of museums in bolstering the local economy through tourism, Colonel also appealed to stakeholders to contribute to enriching the museum’s diverse collection.

Members of the Indian Institute of Heritage shared their successful experiences in establishing community museums across the country, highlighting their economic impact on tourism and cultural preservation. They urged the entire community to actively participate in the museum’s establishment.

Addressing the gathering, Hage Tarung, ADC Dirang, commended the 16th Madras Regiment, the 46th Infantry Brigade, and the Indian Institute of Heritage for their noble initiative. He outlined areas where the public and villagers could contribute, encouraging them to donate local traditional items voluntarily.

Various speakers, including army officials, PRI leaders, GBS representatives, ex-servicemen, and heads of departments, shared valuable insights and ideas during the meeting

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