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As part of the Indian Army’s ongoing outreach programme to foster the spirit of National Integration, oneness and brotherhood across the entire swathe of the country, a tour comprising 18 students, accompanied by two teachers from Piphema, Nagaland to Ahmedabad was organised recently .

These National Integration Tours are educational and motivational for youth of North Eastern States, aiming at providing an insight into the rich heritage of the country as well as various developmental and industry initiatives that are underway. This initiative will expose them to various career options and enable them to interact with renowned personalities.

Last few weeks I am talking with those lucky students of Modern College, Nagaland who were part of the NIT, organised by Indian Army.

Dear readers, in today’s episode let’s now go to know Thangboi Haokip’s story.

According to him-

“The initiative of Indian Army and Assam rifles to organize this national Integration Tour for college students of Nagaland was commendable. It was an eye opener for all of us and as students, the experience that we get through the tour was unimaginable.”

Visiting Delhi and Ahmedabad was a lifetime memory for this Nagaland boy.

“From a remote state of North Eastern region we are so fortunate to see lots of important places of Western India particularly Delhi and Ahmedabad.My best experience was visiting the Red fort which was one of the vast and beautiful monuments of Delhi and seeing by my naked eye it gave me tremendous joy. Overall, it was full of learning and fun as well as excitement we experienced during this NIT tour 2023.”

When asked what he gained from this educational trip, Haokip added-

“My tour experience also taught me about the evils of prejudice and made me fight this evil by getting to know them. For a while this tour took me to the other side of the world where we can live only by our hard work and sacrifices. This tour was a form of non-formal education for me as it taught me many things without the use of books.”

Exploring Smart city like Ahmedabad and India’s National capital was a lifetime memory indeed.- said Thangboi. 

“Many of us wish to travel around and explore the world to taste varieties of foods, cultures, traditions and trends.

Most importantly, to know and understand the differences between us and other people residing in different parts of the country. Seeing places like Sabarmati Ashram, Red Fort, India Gate and many other historical monuments of India that I read about in my books when I was a child, excited me a lot.But now, not only did I read and hear about those monuments but I got to see and know the values and significance of those places for which I am so much grateful to Indian Army and Assam Rifles.”

Like his friends of the Modern College this Nagaland boy Haokip is also hopeful about this Sadbhavna project.

He further said..

“Yes, this sadbhavna project will help the youth of North East in general and Nagaland in particular in making all our efforts for ensuring development through visiting places to see and experience the diverse cultures of our Nation will help the youth bring more changes in the society as well as in nation building.”

According to Thangboi, Army and Assam rifles are on a constant vigil in North East to keep the people safe.

“Being a conflict region, they are putting all their efforts to keep us free from any tension.Their never say die attitude gives us hope in each moment of life .

Secondly, travelling without the presence of my parents taught me how to be independent and made me realize that I possess the power and strength to face my own hurdles and challenges with the help of God.”

In short, I am grateful to Indian Army for giving us this golden opportunity.”- he concluded.

(With Inputs from Army Authorities)

(Author is a Senior Journalist working for British Media with 20 years of experience in covering the east and northeast, with specialisation in Defence and Sports.In her illustrated career she has covered many major events and achieved International and National media awards for Journalism)

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