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ADG, Eastern Command BSF visits India Bangladesh border at Malda and takes stock of operational preparedness on the border

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Apr 30, 2024 #BSF

The Additional Director General (Eastern Command) of the Border Security Force (BSF),  Ravi Gandhi, recently conducted a comprehensive visit to the India-Bangladesh border at Malda, West Bengal. Accompanied by  Ayush Mani Tiwari (IPS), Inspector General BSF, South Bengal Frontier, the visit aimed at assessing operational readiness and strengthening cooperation with international counterparts. During their two-day visit on April 28 and 29, the itinerary included visits to key border outposts and strategically significant areas, where they engaged with BSF officials and commanders to evaluate various aspects of operational readiness.

During his visit to India Bangladesh border at Malda, Ravi Gandhi, Additional Director General BSF made his first visit to the area of ​​159 Battalion, BSF where he was given ops briefing by the DIG, Sector Headquarters, Malda about the various battalions of sector Headquarters, Malda. After this, Shri Gandhi, ADG, visited the border outposts of 159 battalions, Khutadah and Batoli and after going to Batoli, he visited the different areas of the international border and char area of Purnabhava river where Commandant of 159 Battalion briefed about the area of responsibility and new strategies to curb the smuggling, infiltration & exfitration in the AOR of Battalion.

After this, ADG, Eastern Command visited BOP RK Wadhwa, 159 Battalion, and border outposts Anuradhapura, Mansamata. 12 Battalion, BSF, and interacted with the officers and jawans there while appreciating the jawans.

In a remarkable display of cordiality and goodwill, the Additional Director General, of Eastern Command visited BOP Mahadipur of 70 Battalion, BSF, where he exchanged fruit baskets and sweets with officials of Border Guard Bangladesh, thereby enhancing cooperation and mutual understanding. After this, took stock of the border outposts Lodhia and Sasni of 70 battalions and met the jawans and officers.

Apart from this, the Additional Director General visited 115 Battalion’s BOP Sovapur, the newly constructed Sovapur TP, and the char areas of Bhagirathi River and took stock of the security strategy, where he discussed with the Company Commander, the relevant areas of responsibility. The detailed briefing included a discussion about the continuing actions being taken against smuggling and cross-border crimes. thereby ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the security challenges and strategies to address them effectively.

Speaking about the visit,  Ravi Gandhi, ADG, Eastern Command, Kolkata emphasized the unwavering commitment of BSF to safeguard the country’s borders. He appreciated the dedication and professionalism of the BSF personnel and reiterated the importance of constant vigilance and coordination with international counterparts to maintain security and integrity along the border.

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