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IIT Guwahati Hosts Semiconductor Horizons Workshop to Foster Semiconductor Synergy

Aiming to foster innovation and translational research collaboration in Semiconductor Technology in the State of Assam and beyond, the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati successfully conducted the Semiconductor Horizons Workshop today, 1st May 2024, at the Institute campus.

Organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Government of India; Government of Assam; Viksit Bharat Abhiyan; and Tata Electronics, the workshop aimed to foster education, skill development, Innovation, capacity building in the semiconductor domain, and technology transfer to strengthen the semiconductor ecosystem.


The workshop featured various sessions covering topics such as recent advancements in heterogeneous integration in semiconductor packaging, test and assemble, Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology, Very-large-scale integration (VLSI), compound semiconductors, and optoelectronic devices, with expert speakers from industries, academicians and policy makers sharing insights on the latest trends and advancements in the field of semiconductor science and technology.

Dr. Charan Gurumurthy, Chief Executive of Tata Semiconductor Assembly and Test Pvt. Ltd., graced the workshop as the distinguished guest speaker. Other dignitaries included Smt. Saumya Gupta, Joint Secretary (TE), Ministry of Education, Govt. of India; Prof. Rajeev Ahuja, Director, IIT Guwahati; Dr. Lakshmanan S., IAS, Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Industries & Commerce, Mines & Minerals Department, and Shri. Varun Bhardwaj, Director, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, along with Vice Chancellors of various Universities, representatives of various organizations from North eastern states, expert members from IIT Guwahati and over 1000 students from various colleges.

Prof. Vimal Katiyar, Dean R&D, IIT Guwahati, welcomed esteemed guests from various sectors including government, academia, and the entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well as other participants. He urged everyone present to capitalize on this significant occasion, emphasizing the importance of collaborating, sharing ideas, and building meaningful relationships to advance innovation and propel growth within the semiconductor technology domain.

During his captivating session with the students, Hon’ble Chief Guest, Dr. Charan Gurumurthy, underscored the pervasive presence of semiconductors in our daily lives and stressed the imperative of prioritizing their localization. Dr. Gurumurthy remarked, “Through collaborative efforts involving the government, academic institutions like IIT Guwahati, and the industry, the state of Assam has the potential to evolve into a semiconductor hub, significantly altering the landscape of our country’s economy in the foreseeable future.”

He further emphasized, “Semiconductors represent the pinnacle of human technological achievement. However, mere technological development is insufficient. We must have foundational technical skills to translate these advancements into practical applications. We must also cultivate a skilled workforce to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness at scale, while maintaining affordability and sustainability. This necessitates collaborative efforts to invest in education and training programs, foster industry-academic collaborations, and promote innovation in semiconductor technology.”

With a dedicated focus on empowering researchers, innovators, students, and entrepreneurs, this event presented a distinct opportunity to explore the realm of semiconductor technology. By fostering a vibrant ecosystem for innovation and growth, particularly in the semiconductor sector of North-East India and nationwide, the event contributed significantly towards the goal of indigenization.

The event also marked a significant milestone with the formalization of a Memorandum of Understanding between IIT Guwahati and IIT Ropar, in partnership with the Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI), focusing on Semiconductor Skill Development, Innovation, and Start-ups. This collaboration aims to establish a robust ecosystem for skill development, drive innovation, and foster a conducive environment for semiconductor startups to flourish.

Speaking about IIT Guwahati’s contribution to boosting North East’s Semiconductor Mission, Prof. Rajeev Ahuja, Director, IIT Guwahati, said, “IIT Guwahati is poised to collaborate with all stakeholders within the state to establish itself as a leading knowledge partner in the Semiconductor technology development and testing domain. Our goal is to offer skill development support not only to our students but also to aspiring engineers from other institutions, contributing to the development of a skilled and self-reliant workforce collectively. We are dedicated to uplifting the surrounding community and fostering productive industry-academic collaborations. Understanding the pivotal role of the nation leading the semiconductor industry in shaping the future, IIT Guwahati is committed to advancing progressive initiatives in this sector and aspires to lead the way.”

During the event, Smt. Saumya Gupta, Joint Secretary (TE), Ministry of Education, Govt. of India, remarked, ‘IIT Guwahati is the shining jewel of the Northeast.’ With its focus on translational research, the institute plays a pivotal role in propelling various industries forward. This commitment to bridging academia and industry is instrumental in driving innovation and growth across diverse domains.

Dr. Lakshmanan S., IAS, Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Industries & Commerce, Mines & Minerals Department, remarked, “As we embark on the Viksit Bharat@2047 initiative for the integrated development of all sectors, it is evident that simply raising awareness about semiconductors will not suffice. IIT Guwahati’s pioneering efforts in skill development are essential to equip our youth with the capabilities needed to serve the larger public and meet the industry’s demands effectively.”

Key highlights of the workshop included:

· Learning from Industry Leaders: Participants had the opportunity to glean insights from esteemed industry leaders and experts, gaining valuable perspectives on the latest advancements and trends in the semiconductor landscape.

· Developing Essential Skills: The workshop provided a platform for participants to develop essential skills required for research and development, as well as the commercialization of semiconductor technologies. Through interactive sessions and hands-on activities, participants enhanced their proficiency in key areas of semiconductor innovation.

· Networking Opportunities: Attendees seized the chance to network with peers and potential collaborators, fostering meaningful connections and partnerships within the semiconductor ecosystem.

Beyond the one-day semiconductor workshop, participants will also be considered for the first group of candidates in IIT Guwahati’s Semiconductor skill development program, slated to commence shortly. This program will present a unique opportunity for individuals to further their expertise and contribute to the advancement of semiconductor technology.

It is notable that IIT Guwahati is poised to significantly bolster the Indian Semiconductor Mission program. Through its various efforts to foster collaboration between academia and industry, the Institute is propelling India towards self-reliance and technological leadership in the semiconductor domain.

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