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Southern Assam’s Transportation Turmoil

In the heart of southern Assam, nestled amidst lush greenery and rolling hills, lies the Barak Valley region. However, Serene countryside has recently become the backdrop of a transportation crisis, leaving residents stranded and commuters struggling to reach their destinations.

The trouble began with the onset of inclement weather, casting a dark shadow over various parts of the state. As rains lashed the land and winds howled through the valleys, train services bore the brunt of nature’s fury. Derailments in the Lumding division sent shockwaves through the region, leading to the cancellation of several crucial train routes, including the vital Guwahati-Silchar Express.

With train services disrupted, the burden of transportation fell heavily upon the roadways, particularly the winding paths through Meghalaya’s hilly terrain. However, what awaited travelers along these routes were not just picturesque vistas but treacherous obstacles. Reports of massive potholes stretching from Malidahar to Sonapur turned what should have been a scenic journey into a nerve-wracking ordeal. Congestion only added to the chaos, leaving commuters stranded and anxious about their safety.
In the face of these challenges, air travel emerged as the beacon of hope for many. However, this hope quickly faded as the soaring airfares made it an unattainable luxury for the common folk of Barak Valley. Prices ranging from Rs 9,000 to Rs 11,000 for a mere 45-minute journey from Silchar to Guwahati seemed exorbitant and unjustifiable, especially in times of crisis.

The disparity between airfares on different routes further fueled frustration among passengers. While Alliance Air offered flights on the Imphal-Aizawl route at a fraction of the cost, the authorities seemed oblivious to the plight of those struggling to afford the journey to Guwahati. Calls for subsidized air services echoed through the valley, pleading for fairness and accessibility in transportation options.

Former Silchar Lok Sabha MP and present MP of Rajya Sabha Sushmita Dev posted on X, “Barak Valley, Assam is at this point of time totally disconnected – train’s canceled due to derailment, highway blocked due to landslide. Air tickets sky rocketing.Where does the common man go !”


Amidst this turmoil, the people pof southern Assam find themselves caught in a web of uncertainty and inconvenience. As they navigate through canceled trains, treacherous roads, and unaffordable airfares, their resilience is put to the test. Yet, amidst the chaos, there is a glimmer of hope—a hope that their voices will be heard, and their plight addressed.

As the sun sets over the verdant valleys of Barak, it casts a ray of optimism—a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always the promise of a brighter tomorrow. But until then, the people of southern Assam continue to wait, their spirits unbroken, their resolve unwavering, as they strive to overcome the challenges that bind them to the valley.

In the quest for a solution, their journey continues—a journey towards a future where transportation woes are but a distant memory, and the beauty of the valley shines brighter than ever before.

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