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NFR holds steady growth in Freight Unloading during April, 2024

ByNE India Broadcast

May 7, 2024 #NFR

N. F. Railway (NFR) is continuously registering a steady growth in Freight Unloading. 1130 freight carrying rakes have been unloaded by NFR during the month of April, 2024.

NFR has transported goods like FCI rice, sugar, salt, edible oil, food grains, fertilizer, cement, coal, vegetables, auto, tank and other items during the month and unloaded them in different goods sheds within its jurisdiction.

During the month of April,2024, a total of 540 rakes of freight carrying trains were unloaded in Assam out of which 335 were loaded with essential commodities. 25 rakes in Tripura, 18 rakes in Nagaland, 9 rakes in Arunachal Pradesh, 3 rakes in Manipur and 5 rakes in Mizoram were unloaded during the month. Moreover, 76 freight rakes in West Bengal and 69 freight rakes in Bihar were also unloaded during the month of April within the jurisdiction of N. F. Railway.

Essential and other commodities are being transported regularly not only to meet the essential requirements of common people but also to keep the local economic activity of the region moving and growing.

Advanced terminal handling facilities and introduction of more goods sheds have made the task of unloading more convenient for customers and other stakeholders to unload and clear inward rakes within a limited time frame. Continuous monitoring at all levels has also resulted in reduction of turnaround time and has increased unloading efficiency.

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