• Mon. May 27th, 2024

Indian Army Celebrates International Mother’s Day Across North Eastern States

On the occasion of International Mother’s Day, Indian Army, conducted a series of compassionate initiatives across the North Eastern states, encapsulating the theme “Mother – The First Protector.” In a heartfelt endeavour to honour the invaluable contributions of mothers, Indian Army extended its outreach to diverse communities, reaffirming the essence of maternal love and sacrifice.

In Barjala, Agartala, Indian Army orchestrated a heartwarming celebration at the ‘Apna Ghar’ old age home, extending joy to approximately 50 mothers residing therein. Amidst smiles and fellowship, the event commenced with a jubilant cake cutting ceremony, symbolizing the sweetness of maternal affection. Indian Army soldiers graciously served a special lunch, expressing gratitude towards these resilient women, whose sacrifices resonate with the ethos of service and sacrifice.

Simultaneously, in Bishnupur district of Manipur, Indian Army exemplified its commitment to maternal welfare by providing essential medical aid and baby care kits to 14 mothers and their newborn infants affected by the ongoing community clashes. Army Medical officers also conducted comprehensive health check-ups, ensuring the well-being of both mothers and babies, while distributing vital supplies to safeguard their health during the impending wet season.

Furthermore, in Imphal East district, the Indian Army facilitated an enlightening Awareness Capsule, elucidating upon crucial maternal health issues. A Medical Officer imparted knowledge on peripartum and postpartum health, fostering awareness among mothers and children alike. Through interactive sessions and recreational activities, the event emphasized the significance of maternal love and support in shaping the future generations.

Additionally, Indian Army has undertaken various initiatives, including awareness lectures and seminars in the past, emphasizing the significance of maternal healthcare practices, equipping mothers with the information and tools necessary to foster healthier communities.

Through regular interactions with Women Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) and NGOs, Indian Army underscores the pivotal role of mothers in shaping the future of their wards. By highlighting the array of initiatives offered by the Indian Army, mothers are empowered to actively participate in their children’s educational and skill development endeavours. These interactions are aimed to serve as a catalyst though mothers for nurturing brighter prospects and fostering resilience within communities across the North Eastern states.

The Indian Army’s multifaceted initiatives epitomize its unwavering commitment to serving society and honouring the indomitable spirit of motherhood. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us cherish and uphold the selfless love and resilience embodied by mothers, whose nurturing embrace sustains us all.

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