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Indian Army Organizes a Mega Medical Camp in Manipur on World Hypertension Day

In observance of World Hypertension Day, the Indian Army conducted a mega medical camp at Khurkhul Village in Imphal West district on 17 May 2024. This initiative was undertaken as part of the Op Sadbhavana Project, a key component of the Military Civic Action by the Army Field Hospital under the aegis of Spear Corps.

The medical camp catered to the needs of women, children and the elderly from neighbouring villages, as well as for internally displaced people residing in nearby relief camps. The camp offered comprehensive medical check-ups, including access to ultrasonography facilities and provision of medications. A dedicated team of Army doctors and specialists, such as Orthopedician, Medical Specialist and Gynecologist, were mobilized from civil government hospitals to ensure all possible healthcare services are available at one place during the camp.

Moreover, the camp extended support beyond mere consultation. Individuals suffering from various conditions including Diabetes, Hypertension, Bronchial Asthma, Limb disabilities and bedridden patients were provided with essential medical equipment such as glucometers, BP machines, nebulizers, lumbar belts, crutches, walkers and diapers. This initiative aimed to empower individuals to monitor their health conditions at home, thereby reducing their reliance on healthcare systems.

The medical camp commenced at 9 AM and continued until 4 PM, witnessing an overwhelming response from the villagers. A total of 700 locals with 155 elderly, 130 children, 370 women and 45 men were benefitted from the services provided. The villagers expressed profound gratitude towards the Indian Army for their efforts in facilitating access to medical equipment and comprehensive healthcare services.

On 16th May as well, the Army orchestrated a multifaceted approach to address health concerns and raise awareness within both military ranks and local communities. At Torbung Bangla, Manipur, an Awareness Lecture and Medical Camp were organized for internally displaced persons and neighbouring villagers. Army medical officers provided essential healthcare services, offering comprehensive medical check-ups and facilitating access to medications through a Medicine Distribution Counter. The event was augmented by an enlightening lecture on hypertension, shedding light on its health implications and preventive measures.

Simultaneously, at Leimakhong Military Station, troops commemorated World Hypertension Day and World Food Safety Day with a series of lectures conducted by Army medical officers. These sessions delved into the root causes of hypertension, advocated lifestyle modifications and stressed the importance of regular health check-ups for disease prevention.

These initiatives underscore the Indian Army’s unwavering dedication to holistic community welfare and proactive health management. By combining medical camps, lectures and awareness programs, the Indian Army remains committed to ensuring the well-being of both its personnel and the local populace.

Source: Army Authorities

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