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A Nation is united only when there is emotional integration amongst its people and not mere geographical integration. In its effort to bring about the much desired emotional integration of the people in this remote part of the country, the 7 Assam Rifles Unit, based at Ghaspani at the behest of the Indian Army conducted National Integration Tour for the Students and teachers of Modern College, Piphema to Delhi and Ahmedabad, with an aim to give an exposure to the rich heritage, culture and the way of life of our brethren living in the other part of the country.

Last two months I have been talking to those students and teachers of Modern College and I have realised that they were really very excited and were looking forward to the tour.

However ,the tour is being seen as a welcome initiative from the Indian Army and are sure of achieving the aim of fostering patriotism, oneness and brotherhood amongst the local population.

Dear readers, today I am sharing the concluding part of this NIT series and will tell you the story of Thsiijujirho Nyuwi.

“From a remote state of northeast region, visiting Western India by exploring life and culture outside the northeast is an exciting way ,which broaden the horizons ,gain new perspective,and appreciate the diversity of India.By visiting different places in western India,I learnt and experienced about different ways of life,to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and expand my understanding about the country.”

This Nagaland girl was excited when she was talking.

“Since it was my first time experience and visiting outside Nagaland generated a sense of unity with people across the country, gaining experience about sights, sounds, flavour, enriched travel experiences with fond memories.” She further added.

This initiative gave an excellent opportunity to the Nagaland students and an exposure to various educational and industrial institutions in the state of Ahmedabad in Gujarat which would surely bring and promote a comprehensive growth for them.

The Army and Assam Rifles play a crucial role in ensuring safety and security in the region.
Thsiijujirho’s trust on Indian Army is something like that.

“Their presence helps in safeguarding and ensuring peace and stability.Its important to appreciate their dedication, selfless sacrifice and hard work for keeping everyone safe and protected.”

While asked which place in Western India she liked the most, she said-.
“Sabarmati ashram because of the serene surroundings and peaceful atmosphere. Seeing the museum, artefacts and exhibits realating to Gandhi’s life which amazed me. Since I am interested in history and spirituality it was definitely worth a visit .”

How is the impact of OP Sadbhavna for the well being of North East people?
Miss Nyuwi replied-

“This Sadbhavna project promotes peace, harmony and development in the region.Throught this initiative it can empower the youths in Nagaland on fostering goodwill understanding and co-operation among different communities which is essential for building a strong and United society.”

This initiative underscores the Indian Army’s unwavering commitment to promoting inclusivity and strengthening unity among citizens from diverse backgrounds. The National Integration Tour also serves as a valuable effort to enhance cultural understanding, instill a sense of national unity, and inspire the youth of North East to contribute actively to national integration.

(With Inputs from Army Authorities)

(Author is a Senior Journalist working for British Media with 20 years of experience in covering the east and northeast, with specialisation in Defence and Sports.In her illustrated career she has covered many major events and achieved International and National media awards for Journalism)

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