• Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

NAI ROSHINI SCHEME, Women Empowerment: A Week of Celebrations in Guwahati by Girls NCC cadets

The city of Guwahati witnessed a vibrant celebration of the NAI ROSHINI SCHEME, Women Empowerment from 20 May to 25 May 2024.

NCC unit, 60 Assam Girls Battalion NCC, Guwahati of NCC Gp HQ Guwahati under NCC Dte NER, Shillong conducted various activities at institutes, in and around Guwahati. This event, aimed at empowering women and girls through various educational and awareness activities through Lectures, Workshops, Rally, Street plays and Webinars on topics such as Health and Hygiene, Legal Rights of Women, Financial Literacy, Digital Literacy, Swachh Bharat, Life Skills, and Advocacy for Social and Behavioural changes.

The event saw enthusiastic participation across 13 institutes (both schools and colleges) in and around Guwahati in which 09 Lectures, 07 Workshops, 04 Rallies, 02 Webinars and 05 Street plays were conducted in which around a total of 1200 NCC cadets participated at various locations in a span of six days.

Prominent speakers from various fields and Associate NCC Officers/Care Taker Officers (ANOs/CTOs) of the institutes delivered lectures that emphasized the importance of women’s empowerment in modern society. The workshops provided hands-on training in skills such as digital literacy, entrepreneurship, and self-defence, ensuring participants left with practical tools to support their empowerment journey. Colourful rallies filled the streets of Guwahati, with participants carrying banners and chanting slogans that highlighted women’s rights and the need for societal change. These rallies served as a powerful medium to spread the message of empowerment to the broader community. The webinars covered information relevant to women’s empowerment, from health and education to legal rights and career opportunities. Two NCC cadets from all 29 institutes attended the webinar conducted by Administrative Officer of 60 Assam Girls Battalion NCC, Guwahati. The street plays depicted real-life scenarios of women’s struggles and triumphs, resonating deeply with the audience and prompting discussions on gender equality and women’s rights.

The Nai Roshini Scheme’s celebration in Guwahati was more than just a series of events; it was a powerful movement towards fostering a society where women are empowered, educated, and respected. The success of the week’s activities underscored the importance of continued efforts in this direction and highlighted the collective responsibility of individuals and institutions in achieving true gender.

Lieutenant Colonel Mahendra Rawat, PRO, Defence Guwahati shared this.

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