• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Guwahati School introduced Northeast India’s first AI teacher ‘Iris’

“What is haemoglobin?” asked a student from Royal Global School. A humanoid draped in a saree listened attentively and then promptly replied with all the informative details as other children in the class curiously listened. This humanoid, adorned in a traditional mekhela chador, is ‘Iris,’ the first AI teacher unveiled at Royal Global School in Guwahati.

On the first day, students were excited and inquisitive, eagerly engaging in various activities and the interaction with Iris proved to be fruitful. Whether the questions were from their syllabus or about anything under the sun, Iris provided answers in no time, complete with examples and references, making the whole experience enriching. The children also enjoyed the robot’s ability to perform gestures like handshakes, which made the learning process both fun and engaging.


Iris has a voice-controlled assistant which helps it respond to student queries and provide detailed explanations based on questions asked by a student. “The children are very excited and like this ‘teacher’ because she always has answers to their questions,” a teacher at Royal Global School quoted.

The Robot has been developed in collaboration with Makerlabs Edu-tech under the Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) project initiated by NITI Aayog. Iris marks a significant advancement in the integration of artificial intelligence in education.

The Royal Global School authority also said in a press release they are committed to providing holistic and technological education to students and the introduction of IRIS marks a significant milestone in enhancing the learning experience and catering to the diverse learning styles of student. The school looks forward to leveraging IRIS’ capabilities to personalize learning, cater to different learning styles, and make education more engaging for students in the northeast region.

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