• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024


Metro services were disrupted today due to waterlogging on tracks between Park Street and Esplanade Metro station amidst the heavy downpour in the morning. The subway of Park Street Metro station was also inundated.

To ensure passenger safety, truncated services were run first in between Kavi Subhash to Mahanayak Uttam Kumar stations and Dakshineswar to Girish Park Metro stations. Metro officers and staff rushed to the spot to remove accumulated water from the tracks with the help of pumps immediately after. But as it was downpouring heavily at that time and outside adjacent areas of Park Street, Maidan and Esplanade were inundated with water, they faced difficulties to pump out the water from the trackbed at that time. In spite of that, they managed to remove water from the trackbed and as the situation was gradually improving truncated services in between Kavi Subhash to Maidan were started from 10:21 hrs., beside the truncated services in between Dakshineswar to Girish Park like before. Ultimately normal Metro services over the entire stretch of Blue Line resumed from 12:05 hrs.

After that, Metro officers and engineers inspected the spot and found that the KMC sewerage line near the top of the subway at Park Street station in the vicinity of the expansion joint have leakages. As a result, heavy water inflow was occurring through the construction/expansion joint of D-wall at Park Street Metro station.

Necessary corrective measures are being taken to stop recurrence of such incidents.

(Source: Kausik Mitra Chief Public Relations Officer, Eastern Railway & Metro Railway)

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