• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Cyclone Remal Paralyzes Life in Guwahati

Due to the impact of Remal, the first cyclone of the year formed in the Bay of Bengal, the entire state, including the metropolis of Guwahati, has been paralyzed. Incessant rains and strong winds since Monday night have disrupted normal life on Tuesday.

Torrential rains accompanied by strong winds have caused large trees to fall in many parts of the city. The cyclone’s impact has been felt throughout the metropolis, affecting electricity services and disrupting railway operations.

Some roads in Guwahati were blocked by fallen trees. Disaster management teams, SDRF, and police from the vehicle branch were immediately involved in clearing the roads. The storm caused massive power cuts, with power lines extensively damaged by the strong winds and heavy rains. Many areas remain in darkness, and efforts to restore electricity services are ongoing. However, adverse weather conditions are hindering these efforts. The lack of electricity has disrupted daily life and affected internet services.

Continuous rain from Monday night through Tuesday has caused artificial floods in many areas of Guwahati, making it difficult for people to walk. Hoardings have broken and fallen in several places. In Bharelu, the road was blocked by a large fallen stone, which was later removed.

The heavy storm caused two ships to reach Pandu Ghat from in front of the bridge being built on the Brahmaputra river in the Fancy Bazaar area. A tree beside Vidyamandir School in Pandu broke and fell on the road, halting traffic since night. The school also suffered significant damage. A large tree fell on the Shaheed Bedi of AASU at Guwahati University, causing damage. The power outage has led to water problems in the university’s hostel. On Monday, a large Peepal tree fell on the road from Jalukbari No. 17 Jatiya Road. In the morning, police from the vehicle branch, with the help of other officers, cleared the road, allowing traffic to resume.

A large pandal erected at the entrance of the city for the “Bahagi Farewell” event collapsed due to the storm, resulting in the cancellation of the entire program.

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