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ADG, Eastern Command BSF, Visits Land Border Terminus in the Bay Of Bengal, Conducts Critical Security Assessment in Sundarbans at India-Bangladesh Border

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May 31, 2024 #BSF

Reviewing the Strategy in Sunderban area and in anticipation of the final phase of elections, Additional Director General (ADG) of Eastern Command BSF, Mr. Ravi Gandhi, undertook a crucial visit upto Land Border Terminus in the Bay of Bengal and the Sundarbans area, the most vital and perilous area along the India-Bangladesh border.

Accompanied by Ayush Mani Tiwari, IPS, IG of South Bengal Frontier, and officers from the 118th Battalion, Shri Gandhi Addl DG meticulously reviewed strategic locations from the T-Junction in Sundarbans to the Last Floating Border outpost and further to LBT area emphasizing operational readiness and security measures.

During the visit, key sites including all Floating Border Outposts under the jurisdiction of the 118th Battalion were inspected in the Sundarban area. Subsequently, the Battalion Commander provided a comprehensive briefing on the region’s dynamics.

Ravi Gandhi, ADG visited all the Floating Border Outposts deployed in the perilous area of Sunderbans. From T-Junction they navigated through Bihar Khal, Goran Khal, and Barkunda Khal, actively patrolling the area to ensure territorial integrity.

Of noteworthy mention is the Estuary Point and further the Land Border Terminus where BSF had apprehended two heavily laden trawlers of betel nuts last year, leading to the arrest of a high-profile individual linked to the customs department.

ADG’s visit underscores BSF’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding national borders, especially in challenging terrains like the Sundarbans. Such proactive measures bolster security preparedness, ensuring a robust defense mechanism against potential threats.

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