• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

France island school signs pact with Aaranyak biologist Purnima Devi to promote Hargila conservation

A reputed educational institution of Mayotte island of France, Iycee des Lumieres has signed a two-year agreement with senior conservation biologist of Aaranyak Dr Purnima Devi Barman to work together towards conservation of biodiversity in tune with the community-based model adopted by the latter for conservation of endangered greater adjutant stork (Hargila in local parlance in Assam).


The school in Mayotte island , one of the 18 regions in France, has been immensely impressed by the Hargila conservation model driven by the grassroot community movement, Hargila Army, dominated by village women from the conservation project site in twin villages of Dadara and Pachariya in Kamrup District of Assam, has signed the pact with the Aaranyak’s reputed conservation biologist who has been in limelight of late after being conferred with coveted Whitely Gold Award 2024.

The agreement is focused on –
• Education and research on the community-dominant model of Hargila conservation successfully adopted by Dr Purnima Devi
• Character, origin, health and diet of the stork species
• Discover the commitment of India women in safeguarding the stork
• Making the conservation army of the community women a mascot of Iycee des Lumieres
• Making students of the school (Iycee des Lumieres) ambassadors for the preservation of environment and biodiversity.
• Support values and ideal of UNESCO

Iycee des Lumieres will use the knowledge and expertise of Dr Barman, winner of UNEP Champion of the Earth 2022 award, and her army of women conservation workers to create an “army of students” within the school, trained to protect species and biodiversity as a whole.

The France-base school expects that the experience and knowledge of Dr Barman based on her experience of prolonged community-driven conservation work, will provide cultural enrichment and knowledge in terms of protecting Hargila and support the students by sharing her knowledge.

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