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The annual WEAPON TRAINING CAMP “HOSHIYAR-24” is the second edition of the camp which was conducted from 27-31 May 24. The training was divided into two phases viz. Advanced Weapon handling and comprehensive drill phase. The real time training session during drill phase onboard ship was key to bolstering boarding capabilities at sea to enforce laws of the land at all circumstances.

Indian Coast Guard has been ensuring the peace time 24X7 surveillance of our vast maritime frontier. ICG is playing an instrumental role in thwarting all form threats originating from our sea frontiers. The youngest maritime force of India and fourth largest in the world’s Coast Guards, has consistently worked on building a robust military posture whilst carrying out the role of saviour at sea.

The conduct of this camp with drills for crew and training by qualified instructor with experience sharing ensured validation of doctrine for underway opposed boarding and all forms of unconventional threats. The training primarily helps ICG to perform anti-piracy missions and counter terrorism operations at sea. The drills validate crew competence and help ICG in safeguarding the economic, environment and security interest of our nation.

The camp “HOSHIYAR-24” finally culminated with a mesmerising continuity drill demonstrated by the participants followed by impressive campfire and colourful cultural programme. The camp “HOSHIYAR” carried with it important lessons of team building, self-management and command & control that will help ICG to maintain its SWIFT SILENT AND SURE POSTURE upholding the motto “WE PROTECT”.

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