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BSF added a new chapter in West Bengal elections, played an important role in the peaceful elections of all phases;BSF tactfully handeled the overall situation

ByPratyusha Mukherjee

Jun 1, 2024 #BSF

The conclusion of the seventh and final phase of Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal today marked a significant milestone in the country’s democratic journey. Amidst vibrant electoral fervor, West Bengal stands out as a beacon of peaceful and orderly elections, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Border Security Force (BSF). This year’s elections witnessed an unprecedented level of peace and vigilance in all phases, a testament to the robust security measures implemented by the BSF. The seamless conduct of elections, devoid of any major incidents of violence, highlights the crucial role played by the BSF in ensuring the safety of both voters and polling personnel.

BSF had maximum 394 companies deployed in West Bengal

65 ad hoc battalions, comprising 56 companies from BSF Western Command and 338 companies from Eastern and ANO Command, totaling 34,474 BSF personnel, provided extensive security cover at all polling stations. The presence of BSF at the most sensitive polling stations instilled confidence in voters and fostered a conducive atmosphere for democratic participation.

The success of each election phase can largely be attributed to the unwavering support and decisive role played by the Border Security Force. From the initial phases in Cooch Behar, Alipurduar, and Jalpaiguri to the later phases in Darjeeling, Raiganj, and Balurghat, BSF ensured the smooth and efficient progress of the election process.

As the electoral journey unfolded, BSF continued to demonstrate its commitment to maintaining peace and security. Phase after phase, including constituencies like Malda North, Malda South, Jangipur, and Murshidabad, the presence of BSF ensured a violence-free election process.

In the fifth phase, which was conducted with peace and efficiency, 331 companies were deployed in five districts of West Bengal, including Howrah District, Hooghly, and North 24 Parganas. By deploying a total of 394 companies of BSF in key constituencies, including Purulia District, Bankura, Paschimi Mednipur, and East Mednipur in the sixth phase, and Dum Dum, Barasat, Basirhat, Jayanagar, Mathurapur, Diamond Harbour, Jadavpur, Kolkata South, and Kolkata North in the seventh and final phase, the BSF emerged as a symbol of stability and order. Despite sporadic incidents at some polling stations, which were largely minor in nature, the role of BSF in the overall conduct of the election was commendable, creating a conducive atmosphere for democratic participation.

BSF personnel gave an extraordinary example of dedication and cooperation


In a significant display of dedication and cooperation, the Border Security Force (BSF) and local law enforcement agencies undertook extensive security measures ahead of each phase of the elections. These measures, including flag marches, area domination patrols, and robust security at polling stations, were crucial in instilling confidence among voters and facilitating a seamless voting experience. In the lead-up to polling day, the strategic initiatives of the BSF were instrumental in ensuring a conducive atmosphere for free and fair elections.

BSF personnel showed high level humanity

BSF personnel, with their humane approach, provided assistance to elderly, ailing, and disabled voters, leaving a profound impact on the local population and earning widespread appreciation. BSF’s participation in election security operations in West Bengal is seen as a beacon of hope for the people, reaffirming their faith in democratic processes.

In addition to ground security measures, the BSF played a vital role in facilitating the voting process for individuals unable to visit polling stations. Election parties escorted by BSF personnel went door-to-door to collect votes from these individuals, ensuring their participation in the democratic process. This initiative, which provided complete security to the election parties during their door-to-door visits, garnered wide appreciation and confidence from the local population.

Everyone praised the exemplary conduct of BSF personnel : A.K.Arya, BSF, PRO,South BengalFrontier

*The Public Relations Officer of South Bengal Frontier, Shri A.K. Arya, DIG, remarked* that everyone praised the exemplary conduct of the BSF personnel during the elections, emphasizing their indomitable spirit and dedication to preserving democratic values. A.K.Arya said, *“The pivotal role played by the BSF in maintaining peace and facilitating the electoral process is a testament to their unwavering devotion to the democratic fabric of our country.”* The efforts of the BSF during the Lok Sabha elections reflected their broader mission of supporting democratic institutions and processes. Their presence ensured that the elections were conducted in a peaceful, secure, and orderly manner, reflecting their commitment to the democratic ideals of the country.

Source: BSF

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