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N. F. Railway’s reclaims wasteland another environment friendly initiative

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Jun 2, 2024 #NFR

Northeast Frontier Railway has reclaimed a wasteland and has constructed a park named as Sirisha Rail Udyaan in its place at BG colony, Maligaon.

N. F. Railway always takes initiatives to protect the environment and preserve the planet for future generations.

The newly constructed Sirisha Rail Udyaan was previously a wasteland area. But due to water logging and garbage dumping the place was almost in an abandoned condition which was unhygienic for the society and nearby residing public.

The area looked really awful and the bad odour made life difficult for people living in the area. N.F Railway reclaimed the piece of wasteland and constructed a park for the local community. The park is spread over almost around Fifty Five Hundred square meters area with modern facilities like walking and running tracks for all age group of people. It also has sitting arrangements, lawn area and an open gym. The park has separate washrooms for gents and ladies. The walls of the park are painted with the motive of transferring knowledge about the nature and cultural history of Assam. Besides children play area, solar LED lamps have also been installed. The park has a beautiful pond with two water fountains.

Residents of the locality have appreciated this initiative taken by N.F. Railway as they have to bid goodbye to the garbage, the flies and mosquitoes. Everything has changed in the area ever since the water body was converted into a park as children would play and people come here for a walk. Keeping in mind about making our planet a better place for all N. F. Railway is always engaged in protecting our environment by planting trees at various locations. It is a strategic commitment to improve green cover in and around the Zone adding to the beauty of the area and also helping conserve biodiversity and sustainable development.


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