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Reason behind BJP’s success in Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2024

The result of Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2024 has declared on Sunday. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has secured a resounding victory in the Arunachal Pradesh Assembly elections.

The party has won 46 out of 60 seat. The National People’s Party (NPP) won five seats, while the People’s Party of Arunachal got two seats and the NCP secured three, Indian National Congress got one seat.

Voting was held for 60 assembly seats in Arunachal Pradesh on April 2024.

The party’s success can be attributed to several factors:

Unopposed Victories

The BJP has secured 10 seats unopposed in the 60-member Assembly, giving it a headstart on counting day. This practice of electing candidates unopposed has been prevalent in Arunachal Pradesh for over two decades, with the trend beginning in 1999.

Weak Opposition mainly Indian National Congress:

The BJP has benefited from the weak opposition it faces, particularly from the Indian National Congress. In 2019 Assembly Election Indian National Congress has won 4 seat but in Assembly Election the Congress could manage only one seat,

The Congress party has been weakened by internal conflicts and state leadership problem.

Organizational Strength

The BJP’s organizational strength under the leadership of Chief Minister Pema Khandu and union minister Kiren Rijiju and its ability to field candidates in all 60 constituencies have also played a role in its success.

The party has been able to mobilize resources and manpower effectively, ensuring a strong presence across the state.

Demographic Factors

Arunachal Pradesh’s demographic composition, with a large tribal population, has traditionally favored regional parties and independents. However, the BJP has been able to make inroads into this segment by fielding candidates from diverse backgrounds and addressing local concerns.

Nationalization of State Politics

The nationalization of state politics, with the BJP projecting Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the face of the party, has also contributed to its success in Arunachal Pradesh. The party’s emphasis on development, national security, and cultural nationalism has resonated with a significant section of the electorate.

Voter Turnout

The high voter turnout of 82.95% in the 2024 Assembly elections, a slight increase from the 82.17% recorded in 2019, indicates the electorate’s enthusiasm and engagement in the democratic process.

The BJP has been able to mobilize its supporters effectively, ensuring a strong turnout in its favor.

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