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Jun 4, 2024 #BSF

 The 12 Battalion Border Security Force (BSF) under the South Bengal Frontier organized a Sector Level Inter-Battalion Judo (Women) Competition on 3rd June 2024 at their Battalion Headquarters in Narayanpur. This highly anticipated event showcased the exceptional talent and dedication of female athletes from the Force.

This competition witnessed spirited participation of women athletes from 159, 70, 115, and 12 Battalion BSF, competitors displaying remarkable skill and determination. After a series of intense and thrilling matches, the 159 Battalion BSF claimed the championship title, while the 115 Battalion BSF secured the runner-up position. The event not only highlighted the athletes’ prowess but also their unwavering sportsmanship and camaraderie.

In a grand closing ceremony Commandant 12 BN BSF, honored the winners with medals and trophies. He commended all participants for their outstanding performances and their exemplary display of sportsmanship throughout the competition.


The Public Relations Officer of the South Bengal Frontier Shri A.K Arya, DIG said that these competitions are integral to BSF’s mission of identifying and nurturing new talents within the organization. They provide a platform for athletes to hone their skills and evolve into prospective representatives of the force in various national and international arenas.

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