• Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

134 Infantry Battalion (Territorial Army) Ecological, ASSAM, Organises Mass Plantation Drive to commemorate World Environment Day

The Territorial Army (TA), a distinguished military reserve force that provides critical operational and logistical support to the Indian Armed Forces and civilian authorities during natural calamities and national/regional emergencies, proudly marks its Platinum Jubilee Year from 1949 to 2024.

As part of the ongoing celebrations, the 134 Infantry Battalion (Territorial Army) Ecological, Assam, also known as the 134 Ecological Task Force (ETF), organized a series of Awareness Programs and Mass Plantation Drives on World Environment Day, June 05, 2024. This event took place in the schools of Gamani and Garobasti in the Sonitpur district.

The 134 ETF, established in 2007 in the Sonitpur District of Assam, was formed to combat rampant deforestation and restore the region’s fragile ecological balance

Since its inception, it has played a crucial role in environmental conservation in the Sonitpur and Biswanath districts of Assam.


To commemorate the Platinum Jubilee, the 134 ETF conducted a large-scale plantation drive, planting a total of 5,000 fruit-bearing and shade-giving trees in local villages and schools. This initiative saw enthusiastic participation from local villagers and school children, who joined hands to enhance the green cover of their communities.

During the event, ETF personnel engaged with community members and children, emphasizing the importance of protecting our ecosystems, particularly the vulnerable and endangered species of flora and fauna. They highlighted that the success of any ecological mission depends on the active and wholehearted involvement of the local community. The enthusiasm shown by the school children in particular, was especially heartening to witness.

This mass plantation drive is part of a series of events planned throughout the Platinum Jubilee Year to promote environmental awareness and sustainability. The 134 ETF remains committed to its mission of ecological restoration and community engagement, embodying the spirit of the Territorial Army’s dedication to national service and environmental stewardship.

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