• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday demands JPC to probe ‘biggest stock market scam’

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressing a press conference on Thursday has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and other BJP leaders of orchestrating a massive stock market scam.

“We want JPC probe into biggest stock market scam,” Rahul said.


Rahul claims that they manipulated the market by giving investment advice to the public, which led to a significant loss of Rs 31 lakh crore in a single day. Gandhi has demanded a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into the matter, questioning the appropriateness of the leaders’ comments on the stock market during the election period. He has also highlighted specific statements made by the leaders, including PM Modi’s prediction that the stock market would break records on June 4, and Amit Shah’s advice to buy shares before that date.

Rahul Gandhi has presented several points to support his claims of a stock market scam orchestrated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and other BJP leaders. These include:

Specific Investment Advice: Gandhi pointed out that PM Modi and HM Shah gave investment advice to the public, which led to significant losses. He questioned why they were giving such advice and whether it was their job to do so.

Unusual Market Activity: Gandhi highlighted unusual trading volume on May 31, which he believed was indicative of insider trading. He also noted that the market crashed on June 4, wiping out Rs 31 lakh crore in investor wealth.

Fake Exit Polls: Gandhi alleged that BJP leaders had information that exit polls were wrong, yet they talked up the markets. He pointed out that PM Modi and HM Shah made specific predictions about the stock market, which did not materialize.

Media Connections: Gandhi questioned why both PM Modi and HM Shah gave interviews to the same media channels, which are owned by the Adani group, which is under investigation for stock market manipulation.

BJP’s Internal Survey: Gandhi mentioned that BJP’s internal survey predicted 220 seats, which was different from the actual results. He believed this information was used to manipulate the stock market.


After Rahul Gandhi allegations senior BJP leader Piyush Goyal Senior BJP leader Piyush Goyal addressed a press conference at BJP headquarters in New Delhi on Thursday and said, “Rahul Gandhi has still not overcome the loss in the Lok Sabha Elections. Now, he is conspiring to mislead the market investors. Today, India has become the fifth-largest economy. News agency ANI reported it.


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