• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Indian Army Conducts Comprehensive Medical Camp at Lamlai Relief Camp, Manipur

Demonstrating its unwavering commitment to community welfare, the Indian Army organized a comprehensive medical camp at the Lamlai Relief Camp in Manipur under the theme “Wellness Begins at Home.” This initiative aimed to provide essential healthcare services to local residents and the internally displaced people, ensuring their access to quality medical care.

The camp saw an overwhelming turnout, with 1378 attendees, including 386 women, 163 children and 307 elderly people from nearby areas. The inclusive nature of the camp underscored the Army’s dedication to addressing the medical needs of all segments of the population.

In addition to the army’s team of dedicated medical professionals, the camp also featured the valuable contribution of civilian doctors including Medical Specialist from PHC Heingang, Surgical Specialist from PHC Sawombung and Lady Gynecologist from CHC Sagolmang who provided their expertise to the medical camp. Together with army doctors, they conducted vital health check-ups, ECG screenings, dental examinations and offered professional consultations throughout the day.

The community’s response was overwhelmingly positive. The village chief, expressed deep appreciation for the Army’s initiative. He commended the efforts of the army authorities and the participating doctors, highlighting the crucial role they played in bringing healthcare directly to the community.

Beyond medical consultations, essential medicines and digital medical equipments were also distributed to the needy ones during the camp. Attendees received thermometers, glucometers, blood pressure machines, walkers, walking sticks, lumbar belts, knee caps, adult diapers and sanitary pads, ensuring they had the necessary tools to monitor and maintain their health post-camp.

To accommodate the elderly and ensure their participation, the Indian Army provided transportation services using army buses to pick up and drop off elderly attendees from nearby villages. This thoughtful provision made it easier for those with mobility issues to access the camp’s services.

The Indian Army’s initiative at Lamlai stands as a testament to its holistic approach to community support and its commitment to fostering wellness at the grassroots level.

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