• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

National Geographic’s Billy and Molly: An Otter Love Story to be the opening film at 18th Mumbai International Film Festival

National Geographic’s documentary, Billy and Molly: An Otter Love Story, will kick off the screenings at the 18th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) in Mumbai. MIFF is scheduled to be held from 15th June 2024 to 21st June 2024 in Mumbai.

The opening film will be screened simultaneously in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Pune on 15th June. The film will also be screened during the Red Carpet event in Delhi on 17th June, Chennai on 18th June, Kolkata on 19th June, and Pune on 20th June.

Billy and Molly: An Otter Love Story (English – 78 mins) directed by Charlie Hamilton James is a heartwarming story about a man who forms an unlikely friendship with a wild otter while living in a remote Shetland Islands. This captivating documentary explores the enchanting shores of Scotland’s Shetland Islands through a heartwarming journey of an orphaned otter named Molly. When Molly washes up against Billy and Susan’s secluded jetty, she finds herself embraced by their care and affection. As Billy becomes entranced by Molly’s playful nature, a profound bond forms between them, igniting a tale of love and longing against the rugged backdrop of the Shetlands.

In this film, viewers witness the transformative power of companionship as Billy finds solace and purpose in nurturing Molly back to health and preparing her for life in the wild, exploring the complexities of love and the unyielding connection between man and nature.

While the film will be screened on 15th June at 2.30 pm at National Museum of Indian Cinema (NMIC), Pedder Road in Mumbai, the venues at Chennai, Kolkata and Pune are Siri Fort Auditorium, NFDC Tagore Film Centre, Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) and National Film Archive of India respectively where the film will be screened simultaneously at the same time.

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