• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


The Assam Rifles hosted an exciting “Day with the Company Commander” for students from Mapum village and nearby areas on 14th June 2024. Ninety-eight students, three teachers, and eleven parents from Kasong village, Kamjong district, Manipur, eagerly joined the fun.

The day was packed with activities like the jalebi race, a dog show, musical chairs, and tug-of-war. Students also toured the camp to experience the daily life of Assam Rifles personnel. The students also witnessed a touching wreath-laying ceremony at the Kasong Company Operating Base to honour the martyrs who served the nation. These activities highlighted the importance of teamwork and camaraderie.

The event wrapped up with a prize distribution for the winners, followed by a delicious feast with the Company Commander, where students shared their thoughts and ideas. Assam Rifles continues to build strong bonds with locals and children through such initiatives, aiming to inspire and broaden their horizons for a brighter future.


Students, teachers, and parents expressed their gratitude for the fun and informative day, promising their full support to the Security Forces.

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