• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Border Roads Organization (BRO) Restores Connectivity in North Sikkim Amidst Challenging Conditions

The Border Roads Organization (BRO) has once again showcased its unwavering commitment by undertaking the massive task of restoring connectivity to North Sikkim under challenging circumstances. In a remarkable display of dedication and efficiency, BRO deployed multiple heavy machineries and hundreds of laborers to clear numerous landslides on various roads in the Mangan district.

Incessant rains since June 11 have wreaked havoc in North Sikkim. The unprecedented heavy rains have caused multiple landslides and breaches on roads leading to North Sikkim.

Such as Dikchu-Sanklang-Toong,Mangan Sanklang, Singtham-Rangrang, and Rangrang-Toong, severing connectivity to the region. As a result, approximately 1200-1500 tourists are stranded in North Sikkim. The situation became particularly grave after the collapse of the newly constructed suspension bridge at Sanklang, which was the primary connection to North Sikkim and the Dzongu region.

In a swift and coordinated response, BRO has cleared multiple slides along the Sanklang-Toong road, making it traffic-worthy for light vehicles. Similarly, the road stretch between Naga and Lanthakhola on the Mangan-Chungthang road has been cleared and made traffic-worthy. However, significant breaches at traditional slide points Lanthakhola and Rafangkhola have posed ongoing challenges. Heavy equipment has been deployed to restore vehicular connectivity across these points as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a log bridge has been constructed to achieve foot connectivity across these breached areas.

BRO’s tireless efforts are focused on rescuing the stranded tourists from North Sikkim at the earliest opportunity. The first batch of 50 stranded tourists has been successfully evacuated from Chungthang to Mangan. The personnel of Project Swastik have defied the odds of inclement weather, coordinating closely with state authorities to facilitate the road evacuation of tourists.

Lieutenant Colonel Mahendra Singh Rawat,PRO Defence Guwahati stated this in a release.

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