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BSF and BGB Celebrate Bakreid with Traditional Exchange of Sweets, Strengthening India-Bangladesh Friendship

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Jun 17, 2024 #BSF

The Border Security Force (BSF) South Bengal Frontier and its counterpart, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), commemorated the occasion of Bakreid by exchanging sweets at nearly every border outpost along the India-Bangladesh border. This time-honored tradition was observed at prominent locations including the Petrapole Integrated Check Post (ICP), LCS Gede and various other border outposts, reinforcing the enduring camaraderie between the two forces.

The BSF and BGB, who share a 4,096-kilometre-long border, have consistently maintained cordial and congenial relations. This gesture of exchanging sweets serves as a symbol of goodwill and reflects the true spirit of comradeship between the two forces. It also plays a significant role in building and strengthening the cordial relations that have been cultivated over the years.

In a statement, of A.K Arya, DIG, the Public Relations Officer of South Bengal Frontier, headquartered in Kolkata, highlighted the importance of such gestures in fostering positive relations. “The exchange of sweets comes as a goodwill gesture and reflects true comradeship. It also helps in building and strengthening cordial relations,” the statement read.


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