• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

NCC NER Region Celebrates International Yoga Day with Enthusiasm

The North Eastern Region (NER) Directorate of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) celebrated International Yoga Day on June 21st with a vibrant event at Sarusajai Stadium. The celebration featured 2500 NCC cadets from various units across the Guwahati region. The event was graced by Mrs. Riniky Bhuyan Sarma, whose presence added inspiration and significance.

The cadets showcased an impressive array of yoga postures and techniques, demonstrating their commitment to fitness and holistic well-being. Yoga’s focus on physical health and mental tranquillity aligns with the values of the NCC.

In her address, Mrs. Riniky Bhuyan Sarma emphasized the importance of yoga in today’s fast-paced world, highlighting its benefits for physical fitness and mental clarity. She praised the cadets for their active participation and encouraged them to incorporate yoga into their daily routines for improved overall well-being.

The event at NCC Group Headquarters, Guwahati, underscored the significance of yoga and fostered camaraderie and discipline among the cadets. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the cadets reflected their commitment to embracing yoga as a way of life.

Brigadier Ajit Kumar Borah, VSM, expressed gratitude to Mrs. Riniky Bhuyan Sarma for her presence. He emphasized yoga’s role in fostering discipline, concentration, and resilience—essential qualities for future leaders.

The event concluded with a pledge to integrate yoga into daily routines, promoting a healthier lifestyle for the 2500 NCC cadets and beyond. Deputy Group Commander Colonel S Ramesh, SM, thanked all participants and guests for their enthusiastic support in making International Yoga Day 2024 a resounding success.

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