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20th Inspector General Border Security Force – Regional Commander Border Guard Bangladesh level Border Coordination Conference to be held in Kolkata from 22nd to 25th June

ByPratyasha Mukherjee

Jun 22, 2024 #BSF

The 20th Inspector General Border Security Force – Regional Commander Border Guard Bangladesh level Border Coordination Conference between the Border Guard Forces of India and Bangladesh will be held in Kolkata from June 22 to June 25, 2024. Border disputes, cross-border crimes, illegal infiltration and other issues related to border management will be discussed in this high-level conference.

The 12-member BGB delegation from Bangladesh will be led by Brigadier General Shamim Ahmed, SGP, SPP, PBGM, Additional Director General, Area Commander, South West Region, Jessore. The BGB delegation includes Brigadier General Khandaker Shafiquzzaman, PSC, Additional Director General, Area Commander, North West Region, Rangpur and 10 other representatives.

While from the Indian side, the 15-member BSF delegation will be led by Shri Ayush Mani Tiwari, IPS, IG, BSF, South Bengal Frontier. The BSF delegation comprises Shri Dinesh Kumar Yadav, IPS, IG, BSF, North Bengal Frontier and Shri Suryakant Sharma, IG, BSF, Guwahati Frontier and 12 other delegates.

During this conference, various issues of mutual interest for effective border management including joint efforts against cross-border crime, consensus regarding pending development works of border area, measures to prevent illegal cross-border movement will be discussed. Matters related to coordinated border management plan by both sides will also be discussed, including coordinated patrolling simultaneously during day and night, sharing of intelligence, identifying vulnerable areas and increasing frequency of meetings at all levels.

The annual Border Coordination Conference between high-level border guarding forces of India and Bangladesh is an important forum for resolving border disputes and enhancing border management effectiveness. Every year this conference is held in their respective countries hosted by BSF and BGB. This year’s conference is being organised by BSF South Bengal Frontier in Kolkata. These meetings promote mutual trust and cooperation between the two countries and their border guarding forces, reinforcing their commitment to maintain peace and security in the border areas.

Such conferences contribute significantly in promoting a safer and more secure border environment, ensuring stability and prosperity in the region. The conference will also highlight the continued efforts of BSF and BGB in furthering bilateral relations and strengthening the spirit of cooperation between India and Bangladesh.

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