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20th IsG BSF-Region Commanders BGB Level Border Coordination Conference Concluded in Kolkata, India-Bangladesh Border Security Forces Forge Stronger Cooperation

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Jun 24, 2024 #BSF

 The Border Security Force (BSF) and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) concluded a pivotal 20th IsG BSF-Region Commanders BGB Level Border Coordination Conference today, hosted by the BSF South Bengal Frontier in Kolkata, aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation and coordination on crucial border security issues. The Conference, attended by BSF’s inspector General from South Bengal Frontier, North Bengal Frontier and Guwahati Frontier whereas BGB’s Regional Commander from Jessore and Rangpur Region, underscored the commitment of both nations to jointly tackle cross-border crimes and promote mutual understanding.

The Joint Record of Discussion(JRD) signed by both heads of Delegation of Border Security Forces of India & Bangaldesh. The discussions at the Conference addressed pressing concerns such as attacks by Bangladeshi miscreants on BSF personnel and Indian civilians, attempts to snatching weapon from security forces, illegal border crossings of Bangladeshi nationals, and various other transgressions affecting border stability. Recognizing the gravity of these challenges, BSF and BGB reached consensus on several key measures to combat transnational crimes effectively:

Prevention of Smuggling: Both agencies agreed to intensify efforts to curb the smuggling of contraband items including wildlife, counterfeit currency, narcotics, and other prohibited substances across the border.

Joint Action Against Criminals: A mutual commitment was made to take prompt action against individuals involved in criminal activities across the border, including those responsible for abduction of Indian nationals and farmers.

Protection of Border Integrity: Measures to prevent incidents such as cutting of border fences by Bangladeshi smugglers and theft of Indian farmers’ crops were deliberated upon and strategies were formulated to safeguard border pillars from tampering.

The Conference also emphasized the importance of high-level border management, including joint patrols to identify vulnerable areas and sharing of Real time intelligence to enhance operational efficiency. Both BSF and BGB reiterated their commitment to enhancing friendship and cooperation between India and Bangladesh through sustained dialogue and collaborative efforts.

Speaking on the occasion, Ayush Mani Tiwari, IPS, IG, South Bengal Frontier expressed optimism about the outcomes of the Conference, stating, “The discussions have reinforced our resolve to jointly address security challenges along the India-Bangladesh border. This partnership reflects the strong bond between our countries and our shared commitment to peace and security.”

The IsG BSF-Region Commanders BGB Level Border Coordination Conference in Kolkata serves as a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to strengthen bilateral relations, promote regional stability, and ensure the safety and prosperity of our respective citizens.

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