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20th IG BSF-Area Commander BGB level conference successfully concluded in Kolkata, Consensus reached on border management and security

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Jun 25, 2024 #BSF

 The 20th IsG BSF-Area Commander BGB level Border Coordination Conference held from 22 June to 25 June in Kolkata concluded successfully. Various bilateral issues were discussed in detail in this conference to enhance better understanding and cooperation between the border security forces of India and Bangladesh. Both sides took important decisions to control border management, security, and border crimes.

The Indian side in the conference was led by Ayush Mani Tiwari, IPS, IG, BSF, South Bengal Frontier, while the Bangladeshi side was led by Brigadier General Shamim Ahmed, SGP, SPP, PBGM, Area Commander, South Western Region, Jessore. An 11-member delegation participated from the Bangladesh side, while a 15-member delegation participated from the Indian side.

The following key issues were discussed and decided during the conference:

Border Management:
During the conference, emphasis was laid on high level border management. Both the countries understood that it is necessary to strengthen the security of the border so that illegal activities can be stopped and the people of both the countries can feel safe.

Control of Transborder crimes:
Deep concern was expressed over the increasing attacks by Bangladeshi miscreants/smugglers on BSF jawans and Indian citizens. On this issue, both sides decided to work together and carry out joint patrolling. This will help in identifying vulnerable areas and preventing crimes.

Real-time intelligence sharing:
It was also decided to share real-time intelligence information to enhance operational efficiency. This will enable both forces to get timely information about illegal activities taking place on the border and take immediate action.

Prevention of illegal border crossing:
Incidents of illegal border crossing by Bangladeshi citizens were also discussed. Both sides decided to deal with it strictly and take effective steps to prevent illegal activities.

Identification of sensitive areas and joint patrolling:
Both sides decided to carry out joint patrolling to identify sensitive areas. This will enhance security along the border and keep an eye on the activities of criminals.

Signing of Joint Discussion Record (JRD):
Realizing the gravity of all the issues, BSF and BGB reached a consensus on several key measures to effectively deal with crimes along the border. Both sides signed the Joint Discussion Record (JRD) to formalize this consensus.

Meanwhile, BGB delegation head Brigadier General Shamim Ahmed expressed gratitude to the BSF delegation for organizing the conference and making the deliberations result-oriented, which concluded successfully with consensus on issues of mutual interest.

Speaking on the occasion, Ayush Mani Tiwari, IPS, IG, BSF, South Bengal Frontier said, “This dialogue has provided us with an important opportunity to enhance security and cooperation along the border. We are confident that this dialogue will result in curbing border crimes and strengthen the security of both the countries.”

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