• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Chetan Kumar Shrivastava interacted with frontline safety staff to ensure safe train operations and passenger safety

General Manager of N. F. Railway Chetan Kumar Shrivastava interacted with frontline safety staffs and officials at N. F. Railway Headquarters, Maligaon on 27th June, 2024. Principal Heads of all the departments of N. F. Railway were also present during the interaction. Divisional Railway Managers of all the five divisions of N. F. Railway also joined the interaction through video conferencing.

The interaction was aimed to ensure safer train operations as well as provide a reliable travel experience for the passengers. All safety measures and issues relating to safe train operations were discussed and action needed for ensuring the same was also deliberated.

The General Manager guided all present towards ensuring a safer railway system.
General Manager asked the Divisions to give emphasis o¬n the safety front as it is o¬ne of the most sensitive and priority issues. He advised for better coordination with frontline staff, better motivation for them, providing proper counselling, imparting relevant training and giving importance to their mental as well as physical health.

On an ending note, General Manager advised for better coordination within the various departments. He gave directions to adhere to all safety norms and ensure safety in train operations with top priority. Issues concerning to safe operations of train movements and passenger amenities related issues should be brought out and sorted out o¬n priority basis, the General Manager stated.




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