• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Geneva-based GI-TOC partners with Aaranyak to hold dialogue on nature crimes

Geneva-based Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime (GI-TOC) in coordination with local partner Aaranyak held a day-long international-level event called “Resilience Dialogues” to address nature crimes here on Thursday.

The dialogue aimed at bringing together different stakeholders and community representatives to build an understanding of different nature crimes like illegal wildlife trade, poaching, illegal mining, illegal logging etc., — taking place in the South Asia region, deriving from their divergent experiences and opinions.

The participants in the dialogue were from different states of Northeast India and Nepal. The dialogue was set in motion by Alaistar Mcbeath, Coordinator of GITOC, through a presentation on nature crimes in global perspective. The dialogue was anchored by Radha Barooah of GITOC and facilitated by Ivy Farheen Hussain of Aaranyak.

During the discussion participants from various professional background like wildlife and nature conservation both in government and non-government sector, environment educator, community especially women welfare, biodiversity conservation communicator and documentation expert shed light on range of nature crimes prevalent in the region under focus and explored ways for synergised action by multi-stakeholders in mitigation of these crimes that have impacted the grassroot community including women in different ways.

The dialogue concluded with documentation of a set of recommendations to deal with nature crimes effectively involving various stakeholders.

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