• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


Regular humanitarian assistance by Assam Rifles play a crucial role in equipping the community with confidence and a sense of wellbeing. Assam Rifles extended humanitarian assistance to 80 orphaned children, provided medical care to 140 residents in Kwakta village, Bishnupur district, Manipur and also organized a comprehensive awareness lecture on medical emergencies at Agape School in Sangaikot village, Churachandpur district. The effort was aimed to address the urgent needs of the community, particularly the orphans, who included 43 boys and 37 girls residing in two orphanages.

Essential items such as water storage tanks, buckets, mugs, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and utensils were provided and comprehensive health check-ups were conducted for these 80 children. Additionally comprehensive medical care was also extended to the around 140 residents including 29 men, 31 women, and the orphaned children, reflecting a holistic approach to community health.

In a parallel initiative, informative lectures were conducted by Assam Rifles at Agape School, Sangaikot, Churachandpur District to educate the younger generation on essential medical care and handling emergencies. Approximately 21 children participated in the session, held on 27 June 2024 that focused on snake bites, infectious diseases, and alcohol and drug abuse. The event aimed to equip the children with key knowhow to respond effectively to medical emergencies and foster a healthier community.

The local community expressed profound appreciation for the unwavering support of Assam Rifles during these challenging times. This initiative not only addressed immediate needs but also served as a testament to the unity and solidarity within the diverse communities of the region.

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