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Young Singer Aniya Vibes lets Heart and Mind Soar with New Single: Uri Jai Mon

Of wanderlust and youthful dreams, ‘Uri Jai Mon’ by Aniya Vibes reflects the infectious energy of teenage dreams. An anthem for the young and also for the ones who are young-at-heart, the song is a call to all to embrace the free spirit within and to chase dreams with open arms.

Released on June 15, amidst the august presence of distinguished members of the Assamese music industry such as Bornali Kalita, Rupam Bhuyan, and Pallab Talukdar, the new song by 13-year-old Aniya, is composed by Sibabrata Sharma, an established music composer and producer of Assam. The lyrics penned by Maitrayee Patar point towards the exploration of the world with carefree abandon as the animated visuals carry forward the story of a young girl on a road trip with her friends.

Raised in California, miles away from the cultural landscapes of Assam, the groovy beats and the rhythms of dancehall and reggaeton in Aniya’s new song is also complimented by the pitched up samples of the ‘Pepa’ – a traditional Assamese wind instrument which gives it an impression of the local but with a flavour of the west.

Complementing the song’s message, the animated music video by Protap Hazarika with illustrations by Writwika Nisha Saikia, is equally vibrant and reflexive. Over hills and valleys, the day transitions into night with rich colour gradients expressing the vastness of the journey and their minds.

Making her debut at the age of 9, Aniya has released four songs so far including ‘Aao Na Yahan’, ‘Tol Xora Xewali’, ‘Mon Dupakhi Loga’ and ‘Rockstars Rule’. The themes of her songs reflect the essence and aspirations of teenage hope and spirit and ‘Uri Jai Mon’ is no different. It also reflects the young singer’s maturity and evolving talent.

‘Uri Jai Mon’ is now available on all streaming platforms https://ffm.to/urijaimon

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTU5srNnt4M



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