• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Assam Governor interacts with TU students, faculty members of Tezpur University

To assess the academic progress of Tezpur University Governor of Assam  Gulab Chand Kataria, and Chancellor of Tezpur University visited the University.

Governor Kataria, who arrived on Saturday on the campus, held a meeting with Prof Shambhu Nath Singh, Vice Chancellor, TU on June 30, 2024.

Later, he engaged in interactive meetings with Statutory officers of the University, students, faculty members and Deans and Heads of Departments. Governor Kataria also addressed the Assam government teachers currently undergoing the Science Teachers Training program at the University.

Addressing the teachers at the KBR auditorium of the University, the Governor said that Teaching is the noblest profession because everyone remembers the Guru. Drawing reference from Indian philosophy, he said that Lord Krishna and Sudama had studied together in one Gurukula and that suggested that there was no class division in India. “The class division is due to our colonial mindset”, the Governor added. Governor Kataria urged the teachers to be mindful of weak students in the class. “It is the duty of the teachers to empower a weak student”, he advised.

Warmly welcoming the Governor of Assam to the Tezpur University  campuses, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Singh said that Governor Kataria’s visit to the campus is sure to lift the spirit of TU’s academic community.

The interactive session provided students, faculty members and other Academic heads a platform to voice their concerns and suggestions directly to the Governor. Topics discussed during the interactions included the need for initiatives to bridge the gap between academia and industry, more research opportunities, updated infrastructure with the help of the Governor’s office, funding, research grants, and collaboration with other universities etc. Governor Kataria assured the TU academic community that their feedback would be taken into serious consideration and efforts would be made to address their concerns.





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