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New IG of BSF South Bengal Frontier Maninder P.S. Pawar, IPS visits Indo-Bangladesh border in Kolkata Sector

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Jun 30, 2024 #BSF

The newly appointed Inspector General of BSF South Bengal Frontier Shri Maninder P.S. Pawar, IPS made three-day comprehensive visit to the Indo-Bangladesh border under the jurisdiction of the Sector Headquarters in Kolkata. During this visit from 28 June to 30 June, Shri Pawar reviewed the operational preparedness, border management strategies and cross-border crimes and security strategies of all the battalions deployed in the area under his jurisdiction.

The visit commenced with a thorough Vist of the 145 Battalion deployed at ICP Petrapole. Accompanied by the DIG of Kolkata, Pawar received a detailed briefing on the operational scenario from the Commanding Officer of the Battalion and visited the Battalion’s Control Room and Maitri Museum at ICP Petrapole. Subsequently, he visited the passenger and cargo terminals and gathered vital information about the ongoing infrastructure development.

Moving forward, Pawar visited Jayantipur and Kalyani, border outposts of 5 Battalion. Here, he discussed cross border crimes and security strategies and preventive measures with the Company Commander. Continuing his itinerary, Pawar visited the border outposts Gunaramth, Angreil, Dobarpada, Jhaudanga, Karamath, Pipli and Tantulberia of 5 Battalion and made a first hand assessment of the operational preparedness.

Subsequently, Pawar, IPS, IG visited the border outposts Garjala, Kalanchi, Gobra, Gunarajpur, Bithri Bazar and Arshikari of Ad-hoc Battalion SB-1. At the most sensitive Hakimpur checkpoint, he received detailed information from the Battalion Commander about the local challenges and operational dynamics. Thereafter, Pawar inspected the border outposts of 102 Battalion at Khalasi, Dubaliya, Kajuri, Gobardaha, Yadavendra and the highly sensitive Hakimpur checkpoint and got a first-hand account of the vulnerable areas and security measures in the region.

Concluding his visit, Pawar, IPS IG visited the border outposts of 85 Battalion at Golapara, Moonbhata, Saldana, Subham, Sodapur, Taki, Rajnagar, and Riverine border of BOP Hasnabad . During these visits, he assessed the operational readiness and gathered vital inputs about the ongoing security preparations.

In his interaction with the BSF personnel, Shri Pawar reiterated the organisation’s commitment to ensuring the security of the Indo-Bangladesh border and safety of the residents of the region. He lauded the dedication and vigilance of the BSF personnel and emphasised the importance of continuous training and preparedness to effectively counter any emerging threat.

Pawar’s first visit as IG BSF South Bengal Frontier highlights the force’s proactive approach in border management and its relentless efforts to maintain peace and security in the region. His extensive tour and interaction with BSF officers and jawans deployed along the border reflect the BSF’s robust operational structure and its readiness to respond to any security challenges.

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