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More than 1.6 lakhs ticketless travellers detected during April and May 2024

ByNE India Broadcast

Jul 1, 2024 #NFR

N.F. Railway conducts intensive ticket checking drives regularly in order to ensure hassle-free, comfortable travel & better services to all bonafide passengers. Keeping a constant vigil against ticketless and irregular travellers, drives are conducted to discourage and curb such activity that leads to inconvenience for genuine passengers. During the current FY from April till May, 2024 such drives lead to recovering an amount of more than Rs. 14.72 Cr. from approximately 167154 ticketless travellers within the jurisdiction. Thus the current period of FY 2024-25 (April & May) marked an increase of 18.85% in terms of revenue earnings from ticketless travellers and 14.53% in terms of detected cases from its preceding FY of 2023-24.

It can be mentioned here that during the period from April, 2023 to March, 2024, 793170 nos. of cases of ticketless/irregular ticket passengers were detected leading to more than Rs. 66.27 Cr earnings towards realization of fare & penalties from offenders. The preceding FY of 2022-2023 realised Rs. 62.98 Cr. from 778808 nos. of detected cases. Thus, in comparison, 14362 nos. more cases were detected during the last FY of 2023-24 leading to 5.23% higher earnings in terms of penalty & fare from offenders.

Travelling without proper ticket or beyond authorized distance may lead to levy of excess charge and fare. In case a passenger fails or refuses to pay the same o¬n demand, he shall be in default of payment and will be prosecuted under relevant sections of The Railways Act, 1989.

N. F. Railway appeals to the general public to travel with proper & valid tickets and carry valid Identity cards in order to avoid inconvenience. Now passengers can purchase unreserved tickets from o¬ne part of the country to another through Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) mobile application o¬n their smart phones. The UTS application can be downloaded from both android & apple app-store.


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